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Drag queen-supporting pro-choice man suggests women vote Republican due to 'internalized misogyny'

  John Pavlovitz,   author   of "If God Is Love, Don't Be a Jerk," has suggested that women who vote for the GOP are doing so ...

 John Pavlovitz, author of "If God Is Love, Don't Be a Jerk," has suggested that women who vote for the GOP are doing so due to "internalized misogyny."

"Aside from internalized misogyny, why do any women still vote Republican?" Pavlovitz tweeted on Friday.

"I'm doing it bc the democrat party has lost their ever-loving minds. You are evidence of this, Johnny," one woman responded.

"Because we don't believe in allowing men like Pavlovitz to label & define us based on their ideas of what we should or shouldn't do, or how we should or shouldn't vote, because they think they know what's best for us? Just a guess," another person replied.

Pavlovitz has previously accused Republican women of being misogynists. "Of all the misogynists in the Republican Party, the Republican women are the most infuriating," he tweeted last year. "I can't fathom the mind of a woman who still votes Republican. I can only feel sorry for whatever story they tell themselves," he also tweeted last year.

Pavlovitz is also an avowed supporter of drag queens. "I support drag performers (and I'm not afraid of people who don't.)" a graphic that he posted reads. He has also shared a message declaring his support for "the transgender community."

He has also referred to former President Donald Trump as "traitorous cancer."

tweet Pavlovitz that has been pinned to the top of his Twitter profile reads, "A former friend who is full-on MAGA wrote me and said 'Our friendship is worth more than politics.' I disagree. He's now against vaccines, voting rights, immigrants, LGBTQs. I think all those people he is hurting are worth more than our friendship."

Pavlovitz has said that during discussions with pro-life women, it "grieves" him to realize, "Only one of us believes that she should have full autonomy over her own body."

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