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Color Revolutions: Biden Regime Sponsoring a Coup and Training Palestinian Terrorist Army in Israel

  While US banks fail and the world teeters on the brink of WW III, the criminal Biden Regime is embarking on a series of regime change “col...

 While US banks fail and the world teeters on the brink of WW III, the criminal Biden Regime is embarking on a series of regime change “color revolutions” around the world, seeking to destablize conservative governments and install Washington-controlled puppets to do their bidding. 

Thanks to phony corruption charges against Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has gone through five elections in three years, finally getting a stable conservative government again this year. Since the Israeli population is one of the few around the world to reliably vote for conservative, patriotic, right-wing parties, the Soros-funded Israeli left has no option other than to use foreign-funded NGOs and lawfare in the left-wing legal system to sabotage their country.

The Israeli Supreme Court has usurped the right to strike down democratically-ratified laws it finds “inappropriate”, to veto democratically elected ministers, and to nominate its own members in perpetuity. That is the reason why the top priority for the new Netanyahu government is to reform the legal system to be more like that in the US and other Western countries, where judges are appointed by the executive and ratified by parliament, and can only strike down laws that explicitly violate the Constitution. The reform enjoys borad support in Israel, since the Israeli populace has grown ever more right-wing, while the courts have veered ever further to the hard left.

Watch Avi Abelow explain judicial reform in Israel here:

The judicial reform would rob the Israeli and Soros left of their only tool in Israel. So naturally, they are going apeshit bonkers, threatening civil war, “Death to Netanyahu“, and calling for a violent coup. Last week, a crowd of 1000 radical leftists surrounded the Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Netanyahu at her hairdresser’s, where she had to rescued by 300 policemen. Last week, radical leftists also demolished the offices of conservative think tank Kohelet and terrorized employees.

Now, journalist Caroline Glick has revealed how the Biden Regime is funding the Movement for Quality Government in Israel (MQG), “the far-left organization at the epicenter of the Israeli left’s war against the Netanyahu government. MQG began its current campaign of delegitimization, subversion and demonization immediately after the Netanyahu government was sworn into office on Dec. 29.”

“According to MQG’s annual reports, for the past three years the State Department has been funding its programs for “democracy education” in Israeli high schools. Since MQG’s primary activity is subverting democracy in Israel by waging lawfare and sowing chaos in a bid to block democratically elected right-wing governments from fulfilling their pledges to voters, it’s fairly clear that when MQG refers to “democracy education,” it doesn’t mean majority rule”, Glick writes.

In an e-mail released by Israel’s Channel 14, the Soros-finded New Israel Fund admitted it was funding the anti-government protests, as JNS reports: “The New Israel Fund assisted with a special grant to the many civil society organizations that took part in the production of the huge demonstration on Saturday night in Tel Aviv,” the email quoted by Channel 14 stated, referring to a protest Jan 7. “Shatil from the New Israel Fund took part in coordinating and synchronizing the various parties that participated in the show of force,” it continued. Shatil is the operating arm of the New Israel Fund in Israel. According to Shatil’s website, “We support organizations and activists working to strengthen democratic society, offering cutting-edge capacity building, training, and guidance.” Channel 14 described the email as “precedent-setting,” as the New Israel Fund generally keeps a low profile and “works behind the scenes.”

Last week, Israel National News intercepted WhatsApp messages offering $70 plus gas money to help blockade the freeway leading to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

“Want to make a few shekels this Thursday?” the message read. “Come and shut down Ben Gurion Airport, and you’ll get 250 shekels plus gasoline. “This Thursday, at nine a.m., we’re all going to Ben Gurion Airport, with cars arriving from all over the country. We’ll be using a simple tactic: Driving around slowly, between the entrance to the airport and Terminal 3, and then back again, over and over again. The more cars there are, the bigger the impact at the airport for more hours. The idea is to enjoy a slow drive around the airport. Bring music, podcasts,” the message adds. The organizers stressed that, “Anyone who doesn’t coordinate with the organizers will not be paid,” and that people should “send your full name and make of vehicle to the organizers, so that we can register you and ensure that you’re paid.”

A senior government official traveling in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s entourage on his weekend trip to Italy claimed on Friday that the mass protests against the government are funded by the Biden administration, The Times of Israel wrote: “This protest is financed and organized with millions of dollars,” he said. “We are following what is happening. This is a very high-level organization. There is an organized center from which all the demonstrators branch out in an orderly manner,” the senior official said. “Who finances the transportation, the flags, the stages? It’s clear to us,” he said.

While the Biden Regime and their Open Society allies are funding the attepted “color revolution” is Israel, it has also launched “a far more potentially dangerous and lethal attempt to destabilize the leading military power in the Middle East”, Tony Badran writes in Tablet.  “The wave of domestic protests in Israel comes on the heels of the most deadly series of Palestinian terror attacks since the end of the Second Intifada. Incredibly, the U.S. is now proposing to take advantage of its ally’s political weakness by standing up a potential 5,000-man Palestinian terror army that would ostensibly fight terrorism in the West Bank in place of the (Israeli Army) IDF.”

On Sunday evening, Israel’s Channel 14 revealed that the summit’s agenda was a U.S. security “plan” to tamp down terrorist violence—and Israeli counterterror operations in Judea and Samaria”, Caroline Glick reports, “Among other things, the U.S. proposal entails a massive increase in the number of U.S.-trained Palestinian security personnel. The Biden administration wishes to provide 5,000 Palestinians with commando training in Jordan and then deploy them to northern Samaria, and perhaps the South Hebron Hills—both major nodes of Palestinian terrorist activity.”

“The U.S. proposal would also require Israel to sharply curtail IDF counterterror operations. It foresees the deployment of foreign forces, including U.S. military forces, on the ground. The ostensible purpose of those forces would be to separate Palestinians from Israelis. In practice, such a deployment would pit U.S. and other forces against IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians on behalf of the Palestinians.

Among the many alarming aspects of the U.S. plan is the fact that it ignores completely the direct involvement of Palestinian forces in terrorist attacks. During the course of the Palestinian terror war 20 years ago, U.S.-trained P.A. forces murdered 26 IDF soldiers in 2002 alone. The Palestinians learned how to use cell phones as remote detonation devices from their American trainers. Over the years, they have put that knowledge to use not to fight terror but to kill Israelis in terrorist attacks.

The P.A., whose forces the U.S. seeks to “empower,” is controlled by the Fatah terror group. P.A. chairman Mahmoud Abbas is the chairman of Fatah. Fatah terrorists carried out most of the murderous terror attacks in 2021-2022. Several of those attacks were carried out by P.A. security officers.”

The Israel Guys: America PRESSURES Israel to Let The U.S. TRAIN a Palestinian ARMY 

“The State Department should never fund foreign partisan organizations in allied democracies,” Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon. “If the shoe was on the other foot, the Biden administration would accuse Israel of interfering in our elections. Congress should absolutely review the State Department’s potential funding of partisan politics in Israel.”

US Senator Tom Cotton wrote that Joe Biden “is simply following in Obama’s footstep by trying to sabotage Netanyahu. In 2021, the Biden administration reportedly pressured the United Arab Emirates to cancel an Abraham Accords Summit—all to deprive Netanyahu of a diplomatic victory ahead of that year’s election. And after Netanyahu won the 2022 election, the Biden administration immediately sought to undermine his coalition government by trying to veto key cabinet appointments.

This most recent scandal is not an aberration, therefore. It’s been the de facto policy of the Democratic Party for a quarter century to beat Netanyahu, though he keeps beating the Democrats. Though it does provide more evidence yet again for the old saw, that while it’s dangerous to be America’s enemy, it can be fatal to be America’s friend—at least when Democrats are in charge. 

Instead of trying to topple the democratically elected government of Israel, I would suggest we should support it. Israelis are more than capable of managing their domestic affairs without Democratic meddling. But they need our help to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, they need our help to achieve peace with their neighbors, and they need our help to defeat the terrorists threatening both our nations.

Yet they don’t get that from the Biden administration, either. Iran is racing toward a nuclear breakout while the president dithers. His administration can barely utter the words ‘Abraham Accords.’ And President Biden is breaking U.S. law to subsidize the Palestinian Authority’s support for terrorism.”

Avi Abelow speaks to Mort Klein, Zionist Organization of America:

The Israel Guys visit the supposedly destroyed Palestinian village of Huwarrah:

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