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California’s new “misinformation” law to punish free speech while fueling spread of state-sponsored falsehoods

  For more than a century, manufactured consent has ruled American life. What this means is that, despite that pesky Constitution, those wit...

 For more than a century, manufactured consent has ruled American life. What this means is that, despite that pesky Constitution, those with power and means basically control what people think and do through their media propaganda machines, which is how the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was able to reach center stage in the war on free speech.

The powers that be pulled every trick in the book to keep the public subdued and enslaved throughout the scamdemic. And now they are attempting to override the First Amendment entirely with legislation such as California’s new “misinformation” law, which aims to muzzle medical speech and the freedom of doctors to tell the truth to their patients.

“All these media provide open doors to the public mind,” wrote Edward Bernays, often called “the father of public relations,” in a 1947 essay called “The Engineering of Consent.” This piece argues that, sure, we have free speech and a free press, but we also need the mass media to facilitate the “right of persuasion.”

“Any one of us through these media may influence the attitudes and actions of our fellow citizens,” Bernays further wrote, setting the stage for what is now occurring in California and elsewhere in terms of manufacturing consent for tyranny

Despite their best efforts, the deep state’s censorship campaign is failing miserably

When manufactured consent is not powerful enough to control the public in accordance with the “elite’s” desires, legislation like California’s new misinformation law is rolled out to force that consent at the point of a gun. This is how tyranny advances.

Thanks to social media and the internet, people everywhere, regardless of class or status, suddenly had a voice. This proved problematic throughout the plandemic as suddenly the deep state’s controlled narratives were being held up to scrutiny and in many cases picked apart and debunked.

“On Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the conclusions and assumptions of experts could be challenged both by their credentialed rivals and by uncredentialed laypeople,” explains Tablet magazine’s Alex Gutentag about how the internet has changed the game.

“The election of Donald Trump, a figure who was broadly despised by the specialized class and whose social media presence was critical to his campaign, indicated that the soft, noncoercive style of engineering consent had been outpaced by technology. In response, the FBI and State Department transitioned toward hard censorship, with full support of the legacy media, using Russiagate as a pretext to influence and infiltrate Facebook and Twitter, thus transforming these supposed ‘private companies’ into arms of the state.”

When blatant covid censorship was not enough, California politicians decided to criminalize medical free speech, even though doing so represents an infringement on civil liberties. Muzzling doctors is the only way to protect public health, we are told as an excuse – but will it work?

The covid censorship campaign does appear to be collapsing, despite the “elite” class’s best efforts to silence dissent. Twitter changed somewhat under the new leadership of Elon Musk, and now we have the Twitter Files and other evidence drops that expose the censorship agenda while demolishing its power.

“If the job of public health officials was to minimize harm, ongoing excess mortality after the peak of COVID is evidence of failure,” Gutentag further says, noting that many are now well aware of the fact that more people are dying now than at the start of the scamdemic due to the rollout of the “vaccines.”

“As this failure becomes undeniable, we are witnessing the collapse of much of the censorship campaign that helped shield authorities from criticism.”

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