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California Is $777 Billion In Debt, But A Task Force Is Mulling An $800 Billion Reparations Package

  What are they smoking out in California? Don’t answer that question, we don’t want to know, but we do want to know how exactly the Golden ...

 What are they smoking out in California?

Don’t answer that question, we don’t want to know, but we do want to know how exactly the Golden State‘s government is seriously considering a reparations package for its black citizens that would cost at least $800 billion. California is currently in roughly $777 billion in debt.

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, California Democratic Gov.  Gavin Newsom signed legislation creating a task force to look into creating a dollar amount, or other ideas, that would make amends for historical wrongs against black citizens, chiefly slavery and Jim Crow era laws. California never legalized slavery, it should be noted.

Now, the task force is nearing a July 1 deadline when it has to submit its suggestions. The panel came to the near $1 trillion figure by consulting with a group of economists. On Wednesday, the panel will vote on which number to submit.

According to the Associated Press, the estimated amount is 2.5 times California’s $300 billion annual budget. It also does not include a “health inequity” payment of $1 million toward older black Americans.

The news outlet noted that consultants told the panel to “err on the side of generosity.” One of the panel members encouraged her colleagues to keep an “open mind” to it all.

Now, before you think these leftists are so open-minded that their brains have fallen out, not all black Californians will get the payout. If this ever passes, they will have to prove that they have a direct lineage to American slavery.

Of course, putting on our leftist thinking caps here (an oxymoron, to be sure), one can easily predict that after descendants of slaves are given reparations, then the rest of Black California will receive them soon after to cover the damages caused by alleged “systemic racism.” 

A panel in San Francisco already wants to give most black residents who meet certain requirements $5 million each. That number was pulled out of thin air, so at least at the local level, there seems to be some math involved.

If you are a resident of the western state and of the mind that perhaps California should just pass this gigantic redistribution of wealth so we can put an end to the conversation once and for all, then you thought wrong. This is just the start.

According to the economists advising the task force, “It should be communicated to the public that the substantial initial down-payment is the beginning of a conversation about historical injustices, not the end of it.”

Who will pay for all of it? Nobody has said, but something tells me that Grusome Newsom, as some circles call him, will try to get the federal government to foot the bill — which means the American taxpayer would pay for it.

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