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WATCH: Benny Johnson Gives $20,000 To Suffering East Palestine Residents – Their Reactions Are Priceless

  In a country run by a callous and incompetent regime, one can take comfort there are still people willing to help out their fellow man. Co...


In a country run by a callous and incompetent regime, one can take comfort there are still people willing to help out their fellow man.

Conservative commentator and Turning Point USA chief creative officer Benny Johnson decided to visit East Palestine, Ohio shortly after the train derailment on February 3rd and help the suffering residents. The 20 people closest to the disaster received $1,000 each.

He released video of his visit on Sunday.

Johnson opens his video by hailing the “sweet, patriotic community” of East Palestine. He then moves on to talking about the train derailment and the unfathomable government response that has led to the immense suffering. 

“Chemicals spilled into the air and into the water and into the soil. These people have to live with that now forever. Worse yet, the government came along and then lit it all on fire, sending a black, toxic plume of smoke directly into the atmosphere, and then they told everyone to go back into their homes, everything’s safe. But there’s been no reassurances.”


Johnson next reveals that Norfolk Southern, the train responsible for the derailment, has offered the residents a measly $5. He vows to offer real relief and actual empathy.

“We think that’s wrong, and so we’re here today, we’ve identified the 20 homes closest to that toxic burn, and we’re gonna walk up to those homes and we’re gonna hand them $1,000. And we’re gonna say we’re sorry this happened to you, we don’t need the government to come in and save us or help us out, we the American people can help each other out.”

A man who goes by Smiley walks up after Johnson’s crew was done filming the scene and told him no has come to help. Smiley also showed the train wreckage in his backyard from burned up chemical trains.

“So no one has shown up to help?” Johnson asked.

“No, I haven’t talked to anyone from the railroad,” Smiley responded. “They’re all hiding.”

He went on to tell Johnson he had always helped out others before. “If they need something, if I have the ability to give it to them, I do.”

Johnson offers Smiley $1,000 and Smiley tells him “this will help out a lot.” The two then shake hands and embrace.

Johnson next meets a man who was in the middle of moving out. He at first tells Johnson he does not have time to talk.

Johnson then hands him a envelope with $1,000 cash. “This is from people from all around the country who care about people affected by this (the train derailment)” Johnson explained.

“Well, I’ll just tell you right now I appreciate you,” the man says right before offering Johnson an embrace. “You just paid for my rent for my first month.”

Johnson then meets a woman who is struggling to pay for her cleaning supplies. She holds back tears and say “Don’t make me cry” while hugging Johnson.

One man initially declines the money, telling Johnson “there’s someone else who needs it more than me.” Johnson, though, convinces him to take the money and pay it forward because he knows the community better than Johnson.

Here are more responses from the incredibly grateful individuals who received money from Johnson:

For real? No catches? I really appreciate it.”

We really appreciate as much as we can get out there. God bless you guys for helping good people.

Oh my God. We have two daughters in here and we struggle so much. We really appreciate this.

I just can’t even believe it. Can I hug you? You’re angels.

Thank you. I will pay this forward.

Are you serious. Wow, that’s really, really nice. We appreciate it.

Johnson concludes the video by speaking about the beauty of assisting your fellow man and revealing the $20,000 came from ad revenue generated by his videos.

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