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‘Listen To Your Emotions’: Whistleblowers Blast FBI-Newark’s ‘Wellness’ Sign And Increasingly ‘Woke’ Culture

  Slogans and signs can set the standard for an organization, and inspire men and women each day to do their duty. It’s an American traditio...

 Slogans and signs can set the standard for an organization, and inspire men and women each day to do their duty. It’s an American tradition exemplified in some of the greatest institutions of sport and culture.

For instance, the University of Notre Dame football has “Play Like A Champion Today;” the New England Patriots have “Do Your Job;” Nike has “Just Do It;” President Harry S. Truman had “The Buck Stops Here.”

And then there is The FBI Field Office of Newark, New Jersey. The G-men in one of the most dangerous cities in America are reminded each day of things like, “You Deserve Love, Care, And Support” as well as “Allow yourself to feel, don’t ignore your feelings, try to hear and accept them.”

According to a whistleblower from inside FBI-Newark, those aren’t the only “gentle” messages the FBI is told each day. The FBI tasked with taking on the likes of the mafia, Islamic extremists, gangs and more have a full-blown wellness room replete with yoga, massage chairs, and more. Prior to entering that room, there is a “reminders” sign that looks like it’s from HomeGoods and is meant for a kindergarten classroom:

The photos were shared by Steve Friend, a former FBI agent and current senior fellow for the Center for Renewing America.

Now, as an avowed Patriots fan, there is nothing worse than an outsider criticizing the culture of your team. “Do your job” — a phrase familiar with Coach Bill Belichick — is routinely mocked as the “Patriot Way” and to many represents a no-fun, all-business team. So, this author won’t directly insult the FBI’s questionable signage or compare it to a woke high school California guidance counselor’s office or one of those safe spaces designed for college kids unprepared for life outside a liberal bubble.

So, in that case, we’ll let FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin break down the embarrassing sign — as well the wellness program in general.

Seraphin, who spent six years in the bureau working in counterterrorism and counterintelligence, told The Daily Wire this week that the wellness program emulates the “worst and weakest parts of the Woke corporate culture.”

“When the work you do is honorable and rewarding, you don’t need a Wellness Room set aside to gather your thoughts,” Seraphin said. “That used to be called ‘your lunch break.’ But when you hire people whose work doesn’t actually impact the rewarding mission of law enforcement and simply exists for its own sake — perhaps they need to detox from the cognitive dissonance of ‘federal service’ being a federal jobs program.”

Indeed, Friend made similar comments.

“I definitely see a value in activities that could build morale, but I don’t think that it should be done on the taxpayer’s time and dime,” Friend told Daily Wire reporter Brandon Drey. “And when you see things like massage chairs being made available to federal employees to have access to during their workday — as a taxpayer myself, I find that insulting.”

Indeed, it raises the question — how soon will it be before we see one of these now-infamous “Day in the Life” videos from a federal agent:

I’m trying to think how it would go over if I told my Daily Wire boss after a particularly lazy day, “It’s okay to have bad and unproductive days” as the sign at the field office in Newark says. Something tells me I would be out of a job.

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