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Former Biden Spox Jen Psaki Getting Her Own MSNBC Show Less Than a Year After Leaving White House

  Former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki is getting her own show on MSNBC. The program will air on Sunday afternoons to compete ...


Former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki is getting her own show on MSNBC. The program will air on Sunday afternoons to compete with other Sunday news shows.

Her supporters will push back at critics by noting that Dana Perino, a former press secretary for George W. Bush, works for FOX News, but Perino didn’t go to FOX News less than a year after leaving the White House. Psaki left her position in May of 2022.

This isn’t really surprising news, either. When Psaki took on the White House role, people began speculating immediately that she would eventually end up on CNN or MSNBC.

MSNBC put out this press release:


Inside with Jen Psaki will leverage Psaki’s wide-ranging expertise to tackle the biggest issues of the week, featuring one-on-one interviews with newsmakers. Each Sunday, she will break down and make sense of the most complex public policy discussions happening in the Nation’s Capital from the debt ceiling to the political campaign trail to the war in Ukraine and more. In one special recurring segment “Weekend Routine,” Psaki will pull back the curtain on the everyday lives of notable lawmakers and influential thought leaders. She will shadow each newsmaker as they move through their usual activities discussing their work, careers and personal lives, spotlighting a unique and often unseen side.

Psaki will continue to appear across MSNBC’s regular and special coverage programming, including election coverage, to provide an inside look at Washington politics as the 2024 presidential race takes shape. She will also remain a principal voice in NBC News’ primetime coverage of major political events and regularly contribute to NBC News’ TODAY, Meet the Press, and Election Night programming.

Psaki served as the highly regarded White House Press Secretary for the first 16 months of the Biden administration. She previously served during the Obama administration as White House Communications Director and spokeswoman at the State Department. She is an alum of John Kerry’s presidential campaign, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as well as President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns and was a key member of the Biden-Harris transition team.

This has been in the works for months. She was negotiating this while she was still working on the taxpayers’ dime.

How long will it be before we hear that Karine Jean-Pierre has her own cable news show? A year?

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