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Finally: Congress Is Investigating Kerry’s Chinese Communist Climate Change Chicanery

  For nearly a year now, this author has documented the climate change chicanery that White House Special Climate Envoy John Kerry engages i...

 For nearly a year now, this author has documented the climate change chicanery that White House Special Climate Envoy John Kerry engages in as part of his mysterious taxpayer-funded position.

Nobody knows how much he is paid, his staff keeps certain things out of emails, and he bullies third-world countries into ditching fossil fuels all while the Chinese Communist Party eats his lunch.

Well, now, the House GOP is launching an investigation into what exactly Kerry is doing as he gallivants around the globe, emitting CO2, while fretting about global warming and slapping himself on the back.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) sent the Heinz-ketchup-heiress hubby a letter on Thursday, demanding that he fork over information and documents regarding his office in general, and with a keen focus on his dealings with the CCP, according to Fox News.

“We are left with an insufficient understanding of your office’s activities, spending, and staffing,” Comer claimed in the letter, while adding that more information was needed in order to “enable long overdue oversight of your office.”

Kerry has long dismissed any concerns about China’s human rights record, instead placating them in hopes of getting the U.S. adversary to come to the table.

In the past, when Kerry has been asked about such issues, he has claimed that climate change takes the higher priority.

“Yes we have issues, a number of different issues, but first and foremost, this planet must be protected,” Kerry said after being asked about the problem in September 2021.

In turn, China ramped up coal production, began ignoring Kerry’s emails, and didn’t even have the courtesy to meet with him face-to-face. When they did meet in the fall of 2022, their talks were cut short and Biden’s “dear friend” blamed his failure on COVID.

As Comer poignantly noted, Kerry has downplayed the CCP’s tyranny “while promoting climate negotiations that the CCP does not even appear interested in entering.”

Through it all, Kerry has displayed a sunny disposition toward China, and now the GOP is saying his actions as Special Climate Envoy are potentially harming America.

“As a member of the President’s cabinet, you should be representing the United States’ interests. Your statements, however, consistently show disregard for American national security and taxpayer dollars,” Comer also stated in the letter.

Fox also pointed out that China is responsible for 27% of carbon emissions around the globe.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, Kerry’s office will likely be about as willing to comply with Congress as the CCP is in dealing with Kerry: Which is to say, not at all. At least it’s a start for accountability — ideally, the position gets defunded altogether.

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