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DERANGED DOCTORS: Florida physician allegedly called for the unvaccinated to be shot to death in a Nazi-style firing line

    During World War II, prisoners of Nazi death camps were routinely sent to the firing line for extermination if they stepped out of line....

  During World War II, prisoners of Nazi death camps were routinely sent to the firing line for extermination if they stepped out of line. And one Florida doctor would like to see this same thing happen again, except this time to hospital workers who refuse to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Dr. Daniel B. Case, a complaint alleges, harassed and bullied other employees at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida over their vaccination status. At least one of them had a direct altercation with Case, who suggested medical fascism as the solution to freedom of choice.

On Sept. 10, 2021, a Sarasota Memorial Hospital worker filed a complaint with hospital head Lorrie Liang about a negative encounter with Case, who interrogated this individual about whether or not he or she had gotten injected for the Chinese Flu.

“I answered ‘no,'” the worker said in the complaint.

“Then [Case] asked ‘Are you going to get vaccinated? Biden made it mandatory last night. I said “No. I’m not.’ He asked “Why not? You can get terminated.’ I replied ‘Because that’s my freedom of choice.'”

Case then allegedly responded to the colleague by stating that this person and all other unvaccinated people “are the reason why people are dying and why covid is spreading.”

“So I asked him ‘Really Dr. Case?? You really saying this stuff??!’ Then he said ‘When you guys get fired then we’ll have a party and Darwinism will do it’s [sic] work.’ Then I said ‘that’s [sic] sounds kind of Fascist of you to say such a thing! Are you a Fascist??’ Then he said ‘see that’s why they should take you guys to the firing line.'” 

Sarasota Memorial Hospital compiled lists of unvaccinated staff members to send to “re-education”

In essence, Case admitted – assuming the claims are true – that he is, in fact, a fascist as fascists were the culprits who sent “undesirables” to the firing lines in WWII as well.

Under the leadership of Dr. Jonathan Hoffberger, the facility’s chief of staff, Sarasota Memorial Hospital is apparently ground-zero for medical fascism in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

A number of nurses at the hospital say that higher-ups compiled lists bearing the names of all unvaccinated staff members, who are to be subjected to a “re-education session.” This sounds a whole lot like the concentration camps that were erected in Nazi Germany to reprogram prisoners.

Not only that, but Sarasota Memorial Hospital also ordered all unvaccinated workers to wear the equivalent of yellow star armbands. They were told they must “isolate during meal times” to avoid potentially infecting the vaccinated with covid germs.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital even created a color-coded stick system to mark on employee badges who was vaccinated and who was unvaccinated. We are told that sticker system was never actually implemented.

Hoffberger himself, a cardiac surgeon, reportedly held a personal grudge against the non-jabbed, whom he often yelled at. In some cases, he refused to perform open-heart surgery on a patient because he or she had not taken any mRNA injections.

On social media, Hoffberger blasted the unvaccinated for choosing to do their “own research,” which he mocked as inferior to his own self-perceived superiority.

“STOP DOING ‘YOUR OWN RESEARCH!'” Hoffberger yelled in one post, along with a photo bearing the caption:

“Myth: ‘I’ve had COVID-19, so I don’t need to be vaccinated because I have antibodies.”

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