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“Cruel Month” at Woke Disney Follows a Dismal Year – Layoffs, Subscriber Loss, and Failures at the Box Office

  As Disney goes more woke, more and more Americans are tuning out. In February alone they were forced to lay off 7,000 employees — and reve...


As Disney goes more woke, more and more Americans are tuning out.

In February alone they were forced to lay off 7,000 employees — and revealed a loss of 2.4 million subscribers from their streaming service.

Fox News reported:

February has been a cruel month for Disney as the giant corporation slashed 7,000 employees in mass layoffs and announced a 2.4-million subscriber loss to streaming service Disney+. All of this came as the network endured yet another woke controversy as a kids cartoon show on the streaming service lectured children about “white fragility” and denounced Abraham Lincoln.

But these latest problems for Disney are not new and are only the latest in what is closing in on a year of woke disasters, instability at the top of the company and financial problems. Here are some of the many problems Disney has endured in 2022 and 2023.

The box office couldn’t save Disney either.

There movie “Lightyear” became the lowest-grossing film in the series.

Disney’s film “Strange World,” which features the first openly LGBTQ+ teenaged Disney character lost around $147 million dollars.

Things were so bad for Disney they had to replace their CEO.

It was later revealed the ousted CEO was using deceptive accounting practices to hide how much Disney was losing on their streaming service Disney Plus.

Boundingintocomics reported:

According to a new report, recently ousted Disney CEO Bob Chapek is alleged to have engaged in a series of deceptive accounting practices in order to hide just how much money the company has truly lost in service of developing their signature streaming service.

As per a collective decision by the House of Mouse’s board of directors following his poor showing during the company’s disastrous Q4 earnings call, Chapek was removed as the Disney’s CEO on November 20th, having served in the position for only two years.

However, as per insiders who supposedly spoke to The Wall Street Journal, this is a near impossible goal to achieve due to the fact that the company has, in reality, “lost more than $8.5 billion since Disney+ launched and has posted bigger operating losses in each of the post four quarters.”

Further, in order to keep the warning signals from blaring, Chapek allegedly took to airing some Disney Plus originals, such as The Mysterious Benedict Society and Doogie Kameāloha, M.D, on the company’s other networks.

Rather than going woke, Disney should work on fixing their damaged brand.

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