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Rob Reiner Gets Destroyed Over Viral Tweet About How To ‘Stop A Bad Person With A Gun’

  Director   Rob Reiner   got destroyed on Twitter over a viral tweet about gun control following two   mass shootings   in California. The ...

 Director Rob Reiner got destroyed on Twitter over a viral tweet about gun control following two mass shootings in California.

The 75-year-old tweeted to his 2.1 million followers on Tuesday that the only way to stop a shooter was to stop lawmakers who support the “gun industry.”

“The only way to stop a bad person with a gun is to stop bad gun industry loving lawmakers at the ballot box,” Reiner tweeted.

At the time of his publication, his post has been viewed 2 million times.

Many commenters had a field day with the director, noting that California is one of the strictest states when it comes to gun control, and that didn’t stop the shootings.

“I know it’s about time California passed some gun laws,” one person wrote.

Another responded, “California has the strictest laws in the nation. Try again.”

“You did that in California. How is it working out?” another follower tweeted.

“I’m going to disagree,” one person wrote. “The way to stop bad guys with guns is allowing law abiding citizens to carry everywhere. Skilled shooters are protectors Rob.”

Another person tweeted, “It’s not the gun industry Rob. It’s we, the people you have to stop WE are the ones fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights.”

One commenter asked the director if people should “call the DNC” instead of good guys with guns when faced with a “bad guy with a gun.”

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