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GOP Rep. Andy Biggs Reintroduces Multiple Bills To ‘Address COVID Overreach’

  Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) reintroduced multiple bills to “address COVID overreach on Americans.” Biggs shared an update in a press release on...

 Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) reintroduced multiple bills to “address COVID overreach on Americans.”

Biggs shared an update in a press release on Monday.

“Now with a Republican majority in the House, we have a better opportunity to pass legislation that reverses COVID vaccine and mask mandate policies set by fanatics who seek to maintain control over Americans,” Biggs said.

“These power-hungry individuals are rejecting science. COVID cases and deaths remain low. Normal life has returned,” he added. “Most importantly, individuals should be making their own COVID and healthcare choices—not tyrannical government officials. All types of COVID-related mandates have got to go and these pieces of legislation help us get there.”

The push includes six pieces of legislation. The first bill, H.R. 125, seeks to repeal mask mandates on public transportation. Biggs first introduced the proposal in July 2021, and it was co-sponsored by seven other GOP congressmen.

The second bill includes H.R. 118, the No Vaccine Passports Act, which would prohibit the federal government from issuing any standardized documentation that could be used to certify a U.S. citizen’s COVID status to a third party, such as an airline. First introduced in April 2021, the bill would also ban proof of COVID vaccination as a requirement to access federal or congressional property or services.

A third bill, H.R. 119, the Freedom from Mandates Act, would ban federal vaccine mandates.

“The American people must be allowed to make their own health care decisions,” Biggs wrote when he co-sponsored the bill in September 2021. “It is their right.”

The fourth bill, H.R. 117, would “prohibit any entity that receives Federal funds from the COVID relief packages from mandating employees receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”

A fifth bill, H.R. 103, would prohibit the Secretary of Transportation from setting a requirement that air carriers and foreign air carriers mandate an individual test negative for COVID to travel on an airline carrier.

The final bill, the No Mandates Act, says, “No agency may issue any rule regulations, or guidance requiring any individual to receive a vaccination for COVID-19.”

Biggs was recently one of 20 GOP holdouts who sought to block Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from becoming House speaker. The Arizona congressman briefly sought the role himself, with McCarthy later winning in a 15th round of voting.

The Arizona Republican has been rumored as a potential Senate candidate in 2024. If he were to be the top GOP candidate, he would likely face independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and recently announced Democratic candidate Rep. Ruben Gallegos.

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