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And the Oscar for Most Flagrantly Staged Production Goes to… Greta Thunberg’s “Arrest” Video

  Mentally impaired “climate” activist Greta Thunberg was “arrested” yesterday for protesting open-pit coal mining in Lützerath, Germany, as...


Mentally impaired “climate” activist Greta Thunberg was “arrested” yesterday for protesting open-pit coal mining in Lützerath, Germany, as world media breathlessly recounted. New videos that have emerged seem to show the whole stunt was staged.

New videos emerged showing the “arrest” of climate prophet of doom Greta Thunberg posing for cameras with two cops seemingly waiting for the photographers to take their photos, before leading her off. The scenes were reminiscent of Palestinian “Pallywood” productions staged for Western photographers.

Thunberg can be seen smiling patiently and waiting, and joking with the photographers.


A second video shows police seeming to wait for a signal to lead her off, while people around seem to be grinning at the stunt.

“Imagine what kind of gullible fool would believe the obviously fake, staged Greta Thunberg arrest in Germany?”, wrote Catturd.

The ruling “Green” Party in Germany is in a quandary typical of left-wing utopians suddenly thrust into real-world positions of power, having to abandon virtually all of their hippie program to keep the country running in the face of massive energy shortages and a Soros-inspired war in Ukraine, that has the pacifist Greens suddenly leading the charge for arming Eastern  European despot Volodymyr Zelensky with German Leopard II tanks and heavy weapons.

The Green “climate and economic minister” Robert Habeck finds himself in the unenviable position of having to explain to his base why the Greens are voting to keep nuclear plants running, and ramping up coal production in the Ruhr again, which the Greens really wanted to end.

The government of the State of North Rhine Westphalia, where Lützerath is located, is a coalition of RINO Christian Democrats and Greens, who recently voted for more coal mining in Lützerath.

So the Greens themselves are in charge of evicting the Antifa-style violent protestors, who have been occupying the deserted hamlet and fighting police with Molotov cocktails and fireworks. 70 officers were injured.

Green politicians like TikTok star and 24-year old MP Emilia Fester first voted for more coal power in the parliament, and then jouneyed to Lützrath to join their violent militant buddies attacking the police.

Fester traveled with North Rhine Westfalian “Green” delegate Nyke Slawik, who had voted to evacuate Lützerath, before then “showing solidarity” with the militants. The hypocrisy was blatant.

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