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Iran Regime Kidnaps, Rapes, Tortures and Kills 17-Year-Old Nika, Hides Her Body from Family

  The Iranian regime kidnapped, torured, raped and killed  Nika Shakarimi  for protesting the death of Mahsa Amini just days before Nika’s 1...


The Iranian regime kidnapped, torured, raped and killed Nika Shakarimi for protesting the death of Mahsa Amini just days before Nika’s 17th birthday, opposition accounts on Twitter report. The Biden regime wants to send billions of dollars to the terror regime.

“Journalists investigating the death of 17 year old Iranian girl Nika Shakarimi have discovered through verified sources that she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and then killed by the Islamic republic’s security force”, wrote opposition account “Rich Kids of Tehran”

“Her lifeless body was forcibly buried by the security forces and her family members reportedly have been arrested. Her family were prohibited from taking their daughter’s body for forensic investigations, the family is currently under heavy pressure by the regime’s forces,” the account wrote. 

Journalist Darush Memar wrote that “I have been investigating the murder of Nika Shakarimi for three days. Nika was kidnapped by plainclothes forces on Keshavarz Blvd. According to the information I have from reliable sources, she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. This crime is so shocking that I really don’t know how to handle it.”

Opposition leader Masih Alinejad wrote that “#NikaShakarami 17, vanished during the protest. After a week, security forces delivered her dead body with her nose fully smashed & her skull broken from multiple blows.”

“On the evening of Sept 20, Nika called a friend on her way home & said she had joined the protests & burned her scarf. She never made it home. Her phone was turned off & her WhatsApp, Telegram & Instagram accounts were deactivated. She was missing for 10 days.”

“Her family visited Kahrizak prison, where she was held, three times without finding her. They put up a missing ad. On Sep 30, her body was handed over to her family with a smashed nose and broken skull. She was identified by a birthmark.”

“She was supposed to be buried in a cemetery in KhoramAbad but security forces kidnapped her body & buried her in Veysian village 22 miles away. She was buried on her 17th birthday on Oct 3. “Congrats on becoming a martyr” her mother says.”

Nika’s aunt Atash Shahkarami wrote on Twitter “I invite you to Nika’s last birthday. Let Nika’s death be the birth of thousands and thousands of brave Nikas”.
Her aunt and uncle have allegedly been arrested.

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