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WATCH: ‘These Guys Just Bull-Rushed Our Houses’: Texas Farmer’s Video Of Illegals Barging Into His Grandpa’s Home

  Video from a Hispanic Texas farmer shows illegal immigrants fleeing Border Patrol first trying to get in his house, but when unsuccessful,...

 Video from a Hispanic Texas farmer shows illegal immigrants fleeing Border Patrol first trying to get in his house, but when unsuccessful, entering his elderly grandfather’s home next door.

The farmer’s 150-acre ranch, which his family has owned for more than 100 years, abuts the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Well, this is my house. My house where I live with my children in this house right here,” the farmer narrates in the video. “There’s your freaking border wall. … Eight individuals just crossed the freaking border wall, running. … Tried going in my door but the door was locked. So what did they do? They ran right inside my grandpa’s house. Four of them made it inside the barricades themselves inside my 95-year-old grandpa’s house. You want to tell me it’s okay?”

“They tried to break into my house, that’s locked. They tried to razzle-dazzle my porch and my laundry room door and that’s locked,” he added.

“These guys just bull-rushed our houses. I mean trying to open doors, trying to get in,” the farmer told Fox News Digital. “Not everyone is that and I’m in agreement with that, but these guys were trying to get away and get into our houses. That was pretty bad.”

“When they have zero respect and barge in your home on a Sunday at four o’clock in the afternoon when you’re sitting down, rest and relaxing, recliner up and your door flings wide open and three people that you don’t know just come running through the kitchen, it’s unfathomable,” he added.

“I feel that we’re at an all-time peak right now. We’re at the highest we’ve seen this in, ultimately, 90 to 95 years,” he concluded.

On Monday, the New York Times acknowledged “the historic pace of undocumented immigrants entering the country.”

Earlier this month, the executive associate director for Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Corey Price issued a stunning and revealing response when asked by Florida Chief Deputy Attorney General John Guard about ICE deportation rates in the past decade.

“I do not have the last ten years’ data available. But it is less than at least the last four years that I have here,” Price answered.

In 2012, a decade ago, under President Obama, ICE removed almost eight times or, excuse me, almost seven times the number of aliens than the Biden administration did in either 2021 or 2022, right?” Guard followed up.

“That appears correct,” Price admitted.

“From 2008 to 2016, ICE removed up to 400,000 aliens per year and never less than 230,000. In 2021 the agency removed only 55,598 aliens,” The Daily Mail pointed out.

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