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Tucker Carlson: Canada's Sick Wokeism Is Endangering Children in Its Classrooms

  I’m not entirely certain whether Stephen Hanna is a secret conservative playing a long con on educators drunk on transgender ideology or w...

 I’m not entirely certain whether Stephen Hanna is a secret conservative playing a long con on educators drunk on transgender ideology or whether he represents the final toll of the bell that signals that the moral underpinnings of Western civilization are officially kaput.

Hanna, according to The National Desk, is an Oakville, Ontario, Canada, teacher. He now identifies as a woman who goes by the name Kayla Lemieux. This, in our day and age, isn’t terribly uncommon.

What is uncommon, however, is how Hanna has decided to express his feminine side. The shop teacher has adopted enormous prosthetic breasts as part of his new self — with the nipples visible through his clothing.  WARNING: The following tweets contain graphic images that some viewers will find offensive.


According to the Toronto Sun, the Halton District School Board is “standing behind” Hanna (perhaps that’s why they don’t see the protruding nipples) and that protecting “gender rights” is “the stance the school board is taking and they are standing behind the teacher.”

“This teacher (who teaches shop) is an extremely effective teacher,” HDSB chair Margo Shuttleworth said. “All the kids really love being in the class.”

Perhaps they do, if just because they like being part of this week’s installment of the left’s traveling circus of gender insanity. But they’re kids, which means they can’t fully grasp what’s going on. And what’s going on, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said on his Wednesday show, is blatant sexual deviancy.

“As part of his costume, Hanna strapped on a pair of gigantic prosthetic breasts, each the size of a 10-pound watermelon. We’re not exaggerating here. They’re visible from at least 100 yards away, if not from space,” Carlson said.

“Hanna isn’t doing this in private, in his home and restaurants and clubs. If he were, we would not be mentioning on the show because it would not be our business. Have fun, Stephen Hanna. No, Stephen Hanna is doing it in class in front of children.

“As the Canadian journalist Jonathan Kay put it, Hanna ‘has been dressing (like this) for a while, but only recently have students within the school gone public with this fact.’ So, they’ve been enduring this for a while. Kay also notes that Hanna’s costume is based on the style of Japanese internet pornography, which translates roughly into English as ‘exploding milk porn.'”

And here you thought “Sailor Moon” was weird. This is all rebarbative enough until you realize that this isn’t just about someone “expressing their real gender identity” (or whatever).

“Let’s stop pretending. Women may not see it right away because generally their lives are not defined by their sex drives — but if you’re a man, you get it instantly,” Carlson said.

“What is this about? It’s about sex. Stephen Hanna is enlisting other people’s children in his sexual fantasies. That’s why he’s doing this in class. Having an audience of children gives Stephen Hanna a sexual charge. He’s getting off on this. There’s no question about it. This is the guy in the van trying to give your sixth grader candy. This is the flasher in the park. This guy is a pervert. He should not be within 500 yards of children. Period. He’s a threat to children.”

The school board continues to stand behind Hanna — and even provided Carlson’s show with yet another statement.

“The school board recognizes the rights of the parents, staff, students, guardians, community members to equitable treatment without discrimination based upon gender identity and gender expression. Gender identity and gender expression are protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code,” the school board said.

“Oh, the Human Rights Code. Really? Where are the rights of the kids? There are none,” Carlson said. “In other words, if you complain, if you’re a parent who complains about Stephen Hanna enlisting your children in his sexual fantasies, you are the criminal. You are breaking Canadian law.”

This isn’t isolated, though. As Carlson noted, leftist gender ideology is everywhere.

“Pedophile” has been redefined to “minor-attracted person” by some academics and psychologists. Pornographic books like “Gender Queer” find their way into school libraries with alarming frequency. (Try finding a copy of William F. Buckley’s “God and Man at Yale,” however, and you might have a more difficult time of it.) “Gender-affirming care” for minors is seen as a right — including puberty blockers and, in some cases, surgeries like mastectomies.

Yes, as Carlson said at the top of his monologue, we may consider Canada “our slightly dorky Arctic cousin.” Instead, thanks to its permissive culture, it’s become a preview of what we’ll countenancing here in the not-too-distant future.

If Stephen Hanna isn’t a social conservative playing a long con to reveal exactly how much perversion woke educators will tolerate, he should be considered the canary in the coal mine. What we see in these pictures is little more than a man indulging his fetishes. Not only is he getting paid to do it, he’s getting paid to do it in a classroom.

If that doesn’t represent a clear and present danger to the students put in his care, I don’t know what does.

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