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Exclusive — David Limbaugh: Conservative ‘Sheep’ Accepting Leftist Premises Facilitates the ‘Destruction’ of America

  David Limbaugh, author of  The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament , said in an interview aired on Monday’s edition of the ...

 David Limbaugh, author of The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament, said in an interview aired on Monday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with Alex Marlow that gutless conservatives’ acceptance of leftist premises facilitates the “deliberate destruction” of America.

“A lot of us are just sheep, even conservatives,” Limbaugh remarked. “We mouth these platitudes. We accept the premises, the unproven premises of climate change, for example, because we’re scared to death to challenge it, or Darwinism, or macroevolution.”

Acceptance of leftist premises, he added, reflects an inability to think critically on the part of cowardly conservatives.

He said, “We don’t have the guts to even think for ourselves. One of these clichés that we all mouth is, ‘Oh, we need a unifier. We need to get along.'”

Christian theology does not promote unconditional unity, Limbaugh maintained, alluding to unity not being “a virtue unto itself.”

“Well, now, from a Christian perspective, of course, we have to display love to everyone and we have to be winsome and respectful, and of course I sometimes fall down in that, as we all do, but I don’t buy this that we need to unite with the left,” he held.

He went on, “You can’t unite with the left. Jesus, contrary to popular beliefs, didn’t come to unite people. He came to divide. ‘I’ll divide brother and sister, mother and father.’ Why? Because he is truth. Jesus Christ embodies truth, and there are evil forces in this world [that] are always going to be at war with the truth, and so you cannot compromise your principles.”

“You can be respectful, and all that, but you have to realize that the left now is militant,” he remarked. “They have no intention of working with us. Every time we compromise with them, we move closer to the left.”

Limbaugh concluded, “We’re seeing the deliberate destruction of the greatest nation ever in the history of the world, and we’re facing several existential threats, primarily because of the left and their insane destructive policies.”

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