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China Now Owns Large Section of Land Near Pearl Harbor – Another Effort to Disrupt US Response to China Offensive?

  Is China Conducting Intelligence Operations As A Prelude For An Attack On Pearl Harbor? Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, Li-Meng Yan and Din...


Is China Conducting Intelligence Operations As A Prelude For An Attack On Pearl Harbor?

Guest post by Lawrence Sellin, Li-Meng Yan and Ding-Gang Wang

Starting in 2015, a Chinese real estate development company called China Oceanwide Holdings began buying land on Oahu in the Hawaii Islands just ten miles west of the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor.

The stated intent of the land purchases was to build a luxury hotel and homes, but nothing was ever built, even though China Oceanwide had accumulated land worth over 500 million dollars in the vicinity of Pearl Harbor. 

Now this.

The following is raw intelligence from sources inside China.

According to those sources, a Chinese intelligence agent is operating in Hawaii, whose real name is Tao Huang, but would likely be using an alias.

He is from Beijing, holds a high rank in China’s People’s Liberation Army and received special training from its General Staff Department.

Tao Huang is believed to be an agent of the Foreign Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and is said to be working in the real estate development industry.

He is allegedly a lead agent assigned to develop a Chinese intelligence network in the Hawaiian Islands, part of which may include electronic sabotage of U.S. military communication systems.

The photo below is believed to be Tao Huang, but it has not yet been confirmed by secondary source material.

Tao Huang was born between 1964 and 1968 and has a mixed-race appearance, which could allow him to pass for a Southeast Asian immigrant.

Tao Huang may be a U.S. green card holder and could have arrived in the U.S. from Canada.

Tao Hung’s father is believed to be a General in the People’s Liberation Army’s Logistics Department, and his family was originally from Sichuan province in China.

A July, 2022 article in The Federalist noted that buyers from the People’s Republic of China purchased $6.1 billion in real estate last year, many of those purchases have been of farmland or ranchland near U.S. military bases.

Telecommunications equipment from China’s Huawei positioned near U.S. military installations could disrupt vital military communication systems.

China has been steadily acquiring strategic real estate in the United States, such as 300 acres in Grand Forks, North Dakota, 16 miles from the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command base, and a 130,000-acre ranch near Laughlin Air Force Base, purchased by a former member of China’s People’s Liberation Army.

If the above information about the Chinese intelligence agent in Hawaii proves accurate, U.S. intelligence agencies are either unaware of it or deliberately ignoring the information, perhaps because of the Biden family’s close connections with China’s state security apparatus.

In either case, U.S. national security is being undermined.

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