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EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Republicans CENSURE Rogue FBI Days After Mar-a-Lago Raid, Call on State Of Arizona to End Cooperation With the FBI

  The Arizona Legislative District 3 Republicans voted to censure the Gestapo FBI with overwhelming support days after the highly politicize...


The Arizona Legislative District 3 Republicans voted to censure the Gestapo FBI with overwhelming support days after the highly politicized and unprecedented raid of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

The resolution by LD 3 Republicans rejects the “questionable and unsubstantiated” raid and calls on the State of Arizona to “stop cooperation with the FBI,” beginning with the cessation of FBI operations in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The more we learn about this deep-state plot against President Trump, the worse it gets.

On Monday, the former chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense Kash Patel told Tucker Carlson and his audience that the raid was set up to prevent the disclosure of unclassified Russiagate documents that implicated the FBI and DOJ in the garbage investigation of candidate and then President Trump, just as we previously reported.

The FBI had a personal stake in the raid and confiscating the documents that implicated them in numerous scandals.

The Gateway Pundit also reported that Clinton-tied FBI agent Tim Thibault, the mastermind behind the affidavit to raid Mar-a-Lago, was escorted from FBI headquarters last Friday amid whistleblower allegations of political bias in his handling of investigations. 

The FBI has lost the American People’s trust, and grassroots Republicans are done sitting back while they are targeted and labeled “domestic terrorists.”

We reported on a recent Rasmussen survey that shows more than half of Americans now view the FBI as Joe Biden’s “personal Gestapo.”

The full resolution, introduced by LD 3 PC Bruce Arlen passed on August 11, can be viewed below.

August 11th, 2022

Resolution From Legislative District 3 (LD3) Membership, of Maricopa County, Arizona to censure the FBI as the Arm of the Leftist Police State in Maricopa County
  1. WHEREAS we, the precinct members of LD3 reject the questionable and unsubstantiated FBI raid August 8th, 2022 on the residence of the 45th President of the United States referred to as Mar-a-Lago in the State of Florida.
  2. WHEREAS the members of LD3 do not accept the lawless actions of nor the authority of the FBI as currently practiced in Maricopa County, Arizona and throughout the United States.
  3. WHEREAS we, the precinct members of LD3 call for the State of Arizona to stop cooperation with the FBI.
  4. WHEREAS the Governor of the State of Arizona and the Legislature is elected to protect the citizens of Arizona against attacks on their liberty, we call upon the Governor and the Legislature to make statements and take actions to protect us.
  5. WHEREAS we, the precinct members of LD3 call on the Legislature to fund a state guard and place it under the exclusive command of the Governor of Arizona to protect its citizens. Members of LD3 call on the Governor of the State of Arizona to formally call for the cessation of FBI operations in Maricopa County, Arizona.
  6. WHEREAS the Governor and Legislature of the State of Arizona has the authority to stop information sharing with the FBI.
  7. WHEREAS it has become clear that the leadership of the FBI has acted independently and out of bounds from their own historical mandates and required constitutional constraints to protect the rule of law.

8. WHEREAS instead of enforcing the law, the FBI has used the law by waging attacks on individuals and groups (as lawfare) on behalf of a political party for political reasons and self-preservation, calling them, in effect, enemies of the state.

9. THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the members of Legislative District 3, Maricopa County, Arizona reject the actions, words, and self-applied constraints on resolving internal problems within the FBI and the resulting overreach by the FBI towards the people and political action groups of Maricopa County, Arizona. We call on the Governor and the Legislature of the State of Arizona to protect us from any violations of our constitutional rights by the FBI.

Bruce Arlen, the resolution’s sponsor, gave the following statement to The Gateway Pundit.

Bruce Arlen comments regarding AZ LD3 FBI Censure August 11th, 2022.

From what appeared to be a gross overreach and unconstitutional aggression of the FBI’s authority against President Trump at his home in Florida on August 8th, I wanted to create a document of encouragement for Arizona Governor Ducey, our Arizona State Legislature from both houses, and the Maricopa County GOP to stand up and protect the people of Arizona and our Constitutional Rights from FBI actions that might eventually be foisted upon the people too. Coincidently, our LD3 (the largest legislative district in Arizona) was scheduled to hold its monthly meeting on August 11 th. I stood up and read the censure document to the body of approximately 500 people. It passed overwhelmingly.

Since that night, the country has now learned much more about the dubious legal viability of such actions against a President of the United States.

Perhaps our courageous LD3 vote in Arizona will encourage other LDs from around the country to also speak out for our rights.

More recently, it was reported that the two individuals who found Ashley Biden’s diary at a halfway house pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property.

This further proves that the content inside the diary is legitimate — including where Ashley Biden recalled inappropriate showers with her father, Joe Biden, and suggested that she was sexualized by a family member at a young age. 

The corrupt FBI helped the Bidens hide this explosive information and steal the 2020 election while targeting those who had anything to do with the story.

Every Republican committee across the country must follow the lead of Arizona’s LD3 Republicans and express their disapproval of the lawless FBI.

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