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Armed Antifa militants guard 'kid-friendly' drag show near Dallas; Republican Texas lawmaker calls violent leftist group's intimidation tactics 'alarming'

  Masked Antifa militants were armed with rifles as they guarded a "kid-friendly" drag show near Dallas over the weekend — and a T...

 Masked Antifa militants were armed with rifles as they guarded a "kid-friendly" drag show near Dallas over the weekend — and a Texas Republican lawmaker told Fox News Tuesday that the violent leftist group's intimidation tactics are "alarming."

What's the background?

The Sunday morning "drag brunch" was held at the at Anderson Distillery and Grill in Roanoke, Fox News said.

BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales and porducer Kris Cruz, as well as independent journalist Tayler Hansen, were there and posted images and videos to Twitter.

Fox News said police were there too amid tense stand-offs between protesters and counter-protesters.

About 20 children and multiple self-proclaimed teachers attended the event where drag queens performed and collected dollar bills, Fox News added, citing video from Hansen. For a more detailed account of what happened inside and outside the venue, check out this clip from Hansen and Gonzales.

What did Slaton have to say?

"It's shocking to a lot of Texans, and we just need to stop it. We need to let children be children and protect them from any sexualization," Republican state Rep. Bryan Slaton told Ashley Strohmier and Todd Piro of "Fox & Friends First."

Slaton told the co-hosts that "kid-friendly drag shows" don't exist, and he said he believes children must be protected in order to have a childhood and must be prevented from being sexualized at a young age.

"We have porn in our school libraries and there's pushback on removing those. There are the drag queen shows with children, and there's pushback on us for wanting to stop that. Then there's the gender modification of children. And the left is pushing back on that," Slaton noted to Fox News.

As for Antifa showing up with weapons to guard the event, Slaton told the Fox News hosts that the radical leftist group's actions are "alarming," particularly as protecttion for "grown men wearing ladies' underwear that have to dance provocatively in front of children."

"They're protecting that and trying to intimidate those that were there to speak out against it and bring attention to it that way," he told Fox News. "But, yes, Antifa apparently is getting involved, and you've crossed the line if you want to protect children, and they want to intimidate you."

Slaton also said it was concerning that law enforcement failed to take action to shut down the event due to it being over capacity according to the local fire code, Fox News added.

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