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Watch: Out-of-Control Women Make Absolute Fools of Themselves Over Pocket Change, Utterly Destroy Local Fry Shop

  In yet another senseless act of crime to hit New York City, three women trashed a french fry restaurant because of a minor price dispute. ...

 In yet another senseless act of crime to hit New York City, three women trashed a french fry restaurant because of a minor price dispute.

According to Newsweek, three women — identified as Pearl Ozoria, Chitara Plasencia and Tatiyanna Johnson — became enraged at Bel Fries restaurant in New York City because of the price of extra sauce.

In a video captured by Chef Rafael Nuñez, the women can be seen throwing items at a plexiglass barrier, destroying restaurant property and jumping onto the counter.

The women screamed and showed their middle fingers as a group behind them laughed and cheered on their crimes.

In an interview with Univision, Nuñez revealed the shockingly low price of the sauce that started the dispute, which occurred about 4 a.m. July 3.

“They wanted extra sauce for the fries, and when we explained that it costs $1.75, they got upset,” Nuñez said. “And that’s where it all started.”

“We explained to them that this is a business rule and that it is the same for everyone, but they did not understand,” he added.

Nuñez also detailed the damage the women caused to the restaurant.

“They destroyed the place’s computers, the cash register, the sauce pumps, and they took cash,” he said.

Restaurant owner Annalee Schlossberg, 23, told the New York Post damages came to about $25,000.

Another employee named Victoria Baez, who was working in the restaurant at the time, told Univision the women threw hot sauce and tequila in her face.

“I even turned on the alarm to scare them because sometimes that works, but not with them,” Baez said. “They didn’t go. And the saddest thing is that everyone saw it as a joke and laughed. No one stopped them.”

The New York Police Department told Newsweek all three women were arrested following the attack.

Sadly, restaurant employees getting attacked, both physically and emotionally, by customers is becoming all too common.

According to Newsweek, a 2021 survey conducted by Black Box Intelligence found 62 percent of restaurant employees said they received emotional abuse and disrespect from customers.

The attack also highlighted a troubling trend for crime in New York City. On Thursday, Spectrum News NY1 reported overall crime was up 31 percent in June compared to 2021.

Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has attempted to present himself as tough on crime, but the numbers speak for themselves. Until criminals are held accountable for their actions, crimes like this one will continue.

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