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“The Conservative Supreme Court Is Just Getting Warmed Up” – Far-Left Progressives Freak Out Over Recent SCOTUS Decisions

  The far-Left is freaking out over the recent US Supreme Court decisions and are frightened there will be more. The radical progressives, t...


The far-Left is freaking out over the recent US Supreme Court decisions and are frightened there will be more.

The radical progressives, trying to destroy this great nation in every way, are terrified that the US Supreme Court is going to do more to stand up for the rights of Americans and the US Constitution.

Far-left Politico is warning its radicals:

The massive jolt the new conservative Supreme Court supermajority delivered to the political system last week by overturning Roe v. Wade could just be the beginning.

The next targets could include voting rights, state courts’ power over elections, affirmative action and laws banning discrimination against LGBTQ people.

Even as the justices wrapped up their work and began their summer break Thursday following an unusually rocky term, the court signaled that its poor standing with the public won’t deter justices from taking up ideologically-charged disputes that could sow havoc in American politics.

In addition to overturning a nearly half-century-long federal right to an abortion, the court struck down gun-licensing laws in the most populous states, expanded state funding for religious schools, broadened the rights of public-school employees to pray publicly at work and halted lower court orders requiring two states to redraw congressional boundaries to give minority voters a better chance of electing candidates of their choice.

“What the court did just on abortion, guns and congressional power in the last eight days—that alone is momentous [but] if these justices stay together over the next few years, I don’t even think the first shoe has dropped,” University of California at Irvine Law Professor Rick Hasen said. “There’s so much more the Supreme Court could do to change American society.”

What liberals don’t understand is what the majority of America knows.

  1. The USA is a great country.  It is God’s gift to this world.  Americans live by the Bill of Rights.  No matter how hard the left tries to destroy this country, the US Constitution prevails.  It has in the past and will in the future.
  2. America-loving, God-loving, and family-loving men and women are the base of this country.  This is America.  No matter how hard and devious the left, progressives and foreign nations try to destroy this country, these beliefs of love for God, country and family will keep this country safe and going forward.  (This is President Trump’s base as well.)
  3. The far-left, radical progressives can only push through their policies by bastardizing the Constitution and through unconstitutional acts.  Abortion was not and is not a right guaranteed in our Constitution.  It never was.  The only way to make it a law per the Constitution is to pass legislation to make it that.  SCOTUS properly and courageously moved this issue back to the states and out of the courts.
  4. Americans and the silent majority are behind SCOTUS’ decisions.  The Left could barely conjure up a small crowd on this issue anywhere across the country.  This shows the lack of support for far-Left causes which are only backed by radicals.
  5. Americans know that the Left will do anything to push their America-destroying policies.  They will steal elections and did steal the 2020 Election.  They will push through laws in the courts using their radical judges to do so only to eventually lose, maybe taking 49 years, but to lose in the court of freedom.
  6. Americans will allow radical free speech, unlike the Left which prevents and censors free speech.  The far-Left progressives hate free speech because their arguments are insane. We will eventually win this battle too because God has blessed America and freedom is from God, not from the radical anti-American Left.

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