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Stephen King’s ‘Fake News’ Tweet About Ron DeSantis Debunked, Writer Apologizes

  It must have been frightening for horror writer   Stephen King   to apologize for a tweet about   Ron DeSantis   that turned out to be pur...

 It must have been frightening for horror writer Stephen King to apologize for a tweet about Ron DeSantis that turned out to be pure fiction.

The far-left novelist told his 6.7 million Twitter followers on July 6 that the popular Florida governor had signed a bill requiring Sunshine State students and professors to register their political views with the state. But when people pointed out that it was a bogus claim from an old Salon article, King first apologized, then took down the tweet.

“I deleted a tweet about Ron DeSantis requiring notice of political views of students and teachers,” King tweeted. “That really was fake news. Sorry.”

Twitter, which selectively cracks down on anything it deems misinformation, did nothing about the tweet for several days before King acted. When the writer initially apologized, he blamed his source in a statement to CNN.

“I regret having posted the headline without being more confident the story was correct,” said King, who had retweeted the old phony story with the words “I. Can’t. Even.’ “Salon is usually more reliable. Twitter is a constant learning experience, and I will try to do better.”

The law DeSantis signed, and Salon botched, requires public colleges and universities in Florida to perform voluntary annual surveys on the subject of “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity.”

Politifact, the left-wing fact-check site run by the Poynter Institute, deemed King’s claim misinformation.

“King claimed DeSantis signed a ​​bill “requiring Florida students, professors to register political views with (the) state,” Politifact wrote. “We rate King’s statement False.”

Salon finally changed the headline, which a CNN fact-check also called out as false, this week.

The 74-year-old author, whose far-left views are well known, is a prolific Twitter user. Earlier this year, he was roundly ridiculed when he tweeted that Russian President Vladimir Putin had met his match in President Joe Biden, who he said would punish the Russian leader for invading Ukraine.

“Mr. Putin has made a serious miscalculation. He forgot he’s no longer dealing with Trump,” King tweeted.

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