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Please Don't Watch This: Hillary S*x Scene Read Aloud on CBS in Front of Her - Viewers Horrified

  Since her failed presidential campaign in 2016, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton has been desperately attempting t...

 Since her failed presidential campaign in 2016, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton has been desperately attempting to stay relevant. Yet one of her newest projects has been people feeling uncomfortable.

According to News Busters, Clinton appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “CBS Mornings” alongside Louise Penny. The two were discussing “State of Terror,” a fictional political thriller they co-authored and released in October 2021.

During the interview, CBS host Gayle King took the opportunity to read an incredibly uncomfortable scene from the book out loud.

“I’m curious about who wrote this line,” King said. “Do you know which one I’m going to read?”

As Clinton began her terrifying deep cackle, King quoted from the novel.

“‘Felt his naked white skin as it slid against her dark, moist body, luminous in the afternoon sun, she could feel the weight of him on top of her lying heavy on her heart.’ Was that you Hillary Rodham Clinton?”

Clinton and Penny laughed uncontrollably, and Clinton finally said the scene came “out of our fertile imagination.”

King and her co-host Nate Burleson were clearly amused by the interview and the explicit scene, as both of them continued to gush over the co-authors even after the interview ended.

However, most normal people who made the mistake of watching the above clip would likely describe their feelings as closer to “disgusted.”

“I am now in a state of terror after having witnessed this,” News Busters writer Kevin Tober wrote on Twitter. “I am thoroughly repulsed.”

Other social media users also expressed their disgust in the comments.

To make matters worse, the main character in “State of Terror” is reportedly akin to a fictional version of Clinton herself.

“[The book] centers around a secretary of state and her rival, the president who hand-selected her,” NBC News reported. “Clinton is said to be siphoning from real-life experience and would-be catastrophes to inform the work: The ongoing threat of terrorism and various complications in the Middle East and Central Asia are clearly superimposed from Clinton’s life both in and out of office.”

It is unclear whether this character is the one described in the scene above. Either way, the idea of a sex scene in a novel loosely based on real events in Clinton’s life is utterly appalling.

For those people who somehow find this description entertaining, there is some good news. Variety reported entertainment company Madison Wells bought the movie rights to “State of Terror,” so leftists may soon get to see Clinton’s twisted fantasies play out on the big screen.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to avoid anything related to “State of Terror” like the plague.

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