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'Holy S***': State Trooper Ambushed by Mob Pelting Squad Car with Firecrackers, Shattering Glass

  Chicago has become synonymous with violent crime and lawlessness under Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and that continued this week. One ...

 Chicago has become synonymous with violent crime and lawlessness under Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and that continued this week.

One incident early Sunday stood out from the usual mayhem.

An Illinois state trooper was attacked in Chicago after he arrived at a blocked intersection, according to KFVS-TV.

The trooper came to the intersection around 2 a.m. to find multiple vehicles blocking it off. KFVS reported some drivers were performing “reckless stunts” behind the barricade.

A video shared on YouTube by the Illinois State Police showed the disturbing events that transpired next.

The footage showed a group of people running at the trooper’s vehicle and some jumping on top of the cruiser. The trooper was relaying the events in real time over his radio.

“Chicago, we got a mob,” the trooper said. “He just jumped on my car. Holy s***.”

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Soon after the mob descended on the car and began stomping on it, the glass on the windshield shattered.

“Aw, he just broke my window,” the trooper said over the radio. “They just broke my window.”

Since the video appeared to be from a dashboard camera, it was hard to see exactly what was happening after the windshield shattered. Bright lights could be seen flashing near the vehicle, and the trooper said the mob was “throwing fireworks.”

“There’s probably 150 of them coming at me right now,” the trooper said at one point. “They’re throwing s*** at my car.”

As the trooper attempted to back away with his siren blaring, the mob continued throwing things at his vehicle. He identified one of the items thrown at him as a brick.

Eventually, the trooper was able to leave the area, and someone over the radio asked him whether he was secure.

“Yeah, my windshield’s shattered, but I’m secure,” the trooper said.

Shocking as the video is, it is only a small example of the larger crime surge plaguing Chicago.

In April, the city saw a 36 percent increase in crime compared with the previous year, The Hill reported. Shootings were down 11 percent and homicides were down 6 percent, but that is only a slight decrease from the record-setting numbers in 2021.

Meanwhile, thefts were up a whopping 70 percent, and burglaries had increased by 36 percent. Carjackings were another major concern, as they had risen 43 percent in early 2022.

As long as Democrats are soft on crime in major U.S. cities, these disturbing trends will continue. Americans must demand accountability for criminals in order to keep our cities safe.

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