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Hillary Clinton Bankrolls Iowa Democrats

  Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is using her PAC, Onward Together, to bankroll Iowa Democrats in tough elections,   ac...

 Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is using her PAC, Onward Together, to bankroll Iowa Democrats in tough elections, according to the organization’s most recent FEC filing.

Onward Together was founded by the former secretary of state in May 2017 after her second failed presidential campaign, in which she lost to former President Donald Trump. She wanted to use the organization to advance her vision of “progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come,” the website states.

The FEC filing for Clinton’s PAC showed that Onward Together doled out thousands of dollars to 42 Democrat Candidates in May and June, including three Iowans that will be in tough and longshot elections against Republicans.

The filings showed Clinton gave $2,500 to incumbent Rep. Cindy Axne, the last remaining congressional Democrat from Iowa who Republicans are going after. Republicans state Sen. Zach Nunn had a “decisive” primary win in Iowa’s Third Congressional District to take on Axne, and party-goers are hoping he will be able to unseat her.

Additionally, Democrat Liz Mathis also received the same $2,500 from Onward Together. Mathis is an Iowa state senator and is running against Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson (IA), a first-term congresswoman from Iowa’s First Congressional District but is running in the Second Congressional District, where Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA) is the incumbent.

Democrat state Rep. Christina Bohannan received $2,500 from Onward Together. She is running against Miller-Meeks, a first-term congresswoman from Iowa’s Second Congressional District but is running in the First Congressional District, where Hinson is the incumbent.

During Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential run, she lost the Hawkeye state by roughly ten percent. Clinton received 41.7 percent of the vote in the state, and Trump received a majority (51.1 percent).

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) hammered the Democrats for accepting the campaign cash.

“Iowans rejected Hillary Clinton after she referred to many of them as ‘deplorable.’ It says a lot about Cindy Axne, Liz Mathis, and Christina Bohannan that they would accept campaign cash from Clinton,” said NRCC Spokesman Mike Berg.

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