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China, Iran, Russia Coalition Will Reportedly Run War Games in Latin America and the Caribbean

  Iran, Russia and China are coming to Latin America in mid-August to run war drills. Naturally, this has many nervous, as three of the U.S....

 Iran, Russia and China are coming to Latin America in mid-August to run war drills. Naturally, this has many nervous, as three of the U.S.’s greatest global enemies come into the American “backyard.”

Venezuela is set to host the coalition and war games, Iran Front Page reported.

This comes as no surprise, since Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is an avid anti-U.S. socialist.

The events, known as the Sniper Frontier competition, will bring together 10 other nations, the think tank Center for a Secure Free Society reported.

The think tank boldly predicted that the war games are a strategic move from the VRIC nations (Venezuela, Russia, Iran, China), to pressure the U.S.

“In a strategic move that seeks to preposition forward-deployed military assets in Latin America and the Caribbean, the VRIC nations are getting ready to make a loud statement that the region is ready to embrace the multipolar force,” Center for a Secure Free Society wrote.

This should be a troubling sign for the U.S., particularly since Venezuela is getting cozier with Iran, China and Russia.

Maduro actually just finished a diplomatic tour in the Middle East and made a 20-year deal with Iran, laying the foundation for an Iranian oil tanker to dock in Venezuela and offload Tehran’s illicit crude.

“The strategic deal between Iran and Venezuela is meant to mirror similar strategic agreements that the Islamic Republic signed with China and Russia in recent years,” according to the think-tank report.

China, Russia and Iran being in league with each other is nothing new.

But Maduro’s efforts to strengthen relations with the trio are a new kind of concern.

No matter how aggressive China, Iran and Russia get toward the U.S., they are still halfway across the world.

But now, with the war games set to take place, that will bring physical troops to the Western Hemisphere — the U.S.’s backyard.

Venezuela is not the only Latin American country getting in line with Russia.

Latin American countries also are inking military pacts with Russia.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, an ally of Maduro, also renewed a military pact with Russia “authorizing Russian troops, planes, and ships to patrol the Central American country’s borders and conduct joint military training exercises.”

The fact that Russia is also making sure to strengthen and focus on its ties in Latin America, even as the war with Ukraine wages on, shows that Russia could be dangerously interested in pressuring the U.S. a lot closer to home.

The U.S. may be focused on other international issues, like the Ukraine-Russia war, but the possible threat from Latin America can’t be ignored.

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