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AOC's Attempt to Play Victim Backfires Badly When Her Comparison Falls Apart

  Even for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this is taking “me too” way too far. The mainstream media’s favorite far-left lunatic has been going ov...

 Even for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this is taking “me too” way too far.

The mainstream media’s favorite far-left lunatic has been going overboard since last week attempting to justify the pro-abortion protesters who drove Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh out of a Washington, D.C., restaurant on Wednesday.

But a Twitter post the Democratic congresswoman from New York published Monday in which she claimed to have been victimized as much as the justice ended up making her look more psychotically self-centered than usual.

In the post, she tried to compare Kavanaugh’s experience at a Morton’s The Steakhouse restaurant in D.C. — where a leftist mob’s appearance forced Kavanaugh to exit out a back door with his security detail – to an anonymous individual taking her picture at a distance while she had dinner with her chief of staff three years ago.

“Republicans love to ask ‘what would happen if the right-wing harassed someone in restaurant?? as if they haven’t been doing that since Day 1,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in the post, which included photos originally posted by conservative commentator Caleb Hull.

“These are their own tweets from 2019!” she said.

“So the answer of what happens when it’s a Dem is: nothing. 0 sympathy for hypocritical whiners.”

Ah, “hypocritical whiners” — coming from a woman who was photographed with an aide who was enjoying a hamburger dinner in the same time frame where AOC was spending her working hours at the Capitol pushing her Green New Deal’s attack on the “farty cows” that make up the American beef industry.

The fact that she’s comparing it to Kavanaugh just makes it more pathetic.

The fact is, as any sentient American knows, having a picture taken has been common for anyone in the public eye since the invention of photography. With the advent of cellphones that include cameras, picture taking is so ubiquitous even noncelebrities are likely to have their images recorded without their knowledge or consent in any given public location.

The fact that the photographer in Ocasio-Cortez’s case kept at a distance and that she didn’t even realize the picture was taken until long after the moment just proves how different the case was from Kavanaugh’s.

Naturally, that didn’t stop the juvenile socialist from trying to claim “me too” when it comes to harassment.

But it backfired badly.

Hull wasted no time slapping back.

“No one harassed you,” he wrote, tagging the diva Democrat in a Twitter post.

“Someone took a picture from outside the restaurant window of your chief of staff eating a hamburger after you advocated for reducing hamburger intake because cows fart,” Hull said.

“You didn’t even know your picture was taken until after. Horrible comparison.”

Given that it’s Twitter – an asylum that’s still run by the inmates while Elon Musk’s stop-and-go efforts to buy the platform seem mostly stopped at the moment – there were leftists on hand to try to support AOC by pointing out that when Kavanaugh left the Morton’s, the protesters were still outside, so he was not actually harassed at the dinner table.

But that’s willfully missing the point (as leftists are prone to do).

For any American who paid attention, the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were a matter of eternal shame for the republic. The fact that one of the country’s two major political parties debased itself by engaging in character assassination on the national stage, based on the flimsy word of a suspect accuser, with literally zero evidence, was a signal that the modern left has no hesitation about sacrificing truth and honor on the altar of power — and even revels in it.

(How anyone with pretensions to decency could associate with the Democratic Party after that — and there are tens of millions of them — is a testament to humanity’s capacity for self-delusion.)

Based on that alone, no one who lived through what Kavanaugh experienced would have any doubt that a mob outside a restaurant could pose a physical danger. (The fact that the same group has since introduced “bounties” for other sightings of conservative Supreme Court justices just makes the case stronger.)

Then add on the very real fact that Kavanaugh was the subject of a very real assassination plot barely a month ago, and Ocasio-Cortez’s attempt to dredge up pictures taken three years ago just proves how vapid — and vain — she is.

Plenty of Twitter users responding to the tweet pointed out the difference:

But this one sums it up:

“She so wants to be a victim,” the user wrote.

Maybe she’s just become so accustomed to the praise that’s lavished on her by the mainstream media that she considers it an entitlement. Maybe it’s her previous life as an attractive female bartender that’s formed her worldview. Or maybe she’s just a personality who loves to be the center of attention.

Whatever it is, Ocasio-Cortez has a pretty well-established record of inserting herself in a starring role in any given political drama — remember how she told the country was afraid she was going to be “raped” during the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion by protesters who never got anywhere near her?

So, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a man who was baselessly maligned before the entire country on the flimsiest of grounds, a man whose life was credibly threatened only weeks ago, was the target of a potentially violent protest in a public place?

“Me too,” whines the traumatized AOC, because her picture was taken at dinner three years ago.

Not even Democrats can swallow that.

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