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Police Issue Warning About Duo Accused of Robbing 7 Walmarts in 4 Different States on Lengthy Crime Spree

  Police in Pennsylvania warned cashiers of a pair of thieves targeting Walmart stores across the East Coast. The duo has previously carried...

 Police in Pennsylvania warned cashiers of a pair of thieves targeting Walmart stores across the East Coast.

The duo has previously carried out robberies at Walmart stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, police told WCAU-TV.

Areas the two have stolen in, according to police, include Oxford, Pennsylvania; Deptford and Burlington, New Jersey; New Castle, Delaware; and Aberdeen, Maryland.

Most recently, according to WCAU-TV, the thieves have stolen from Walmart supermarkets in Pennsylvania’s suburbs.

The robbers on Wednesday evening stole from a Bensalem Walmart near Lincoln Highway. According to police, the same supermarket was stolen from in the middle of May.

The same duo also robbed a Walmart in the Warminster Township on Wednesday, the Warminster Township Police Department said, according to WCAU-TV.

In a Crimewatch bulletin Wednesday, Warminster police detailed how the thieves stole from the cashier.

“Upon arrival witness stated two males approached a register with items for purchase. As the cashier was ring up the order Subject # 2 came up behind the cashier and grab undetermined amount of cash” the bulletin stated.

“Both subjects then fled the store. They entered a black Lexus and exit the Jacksonville rd entrance,” Warminster police said.

Warminster police described one of the suspects as being a tall, thin, light skinned black male, donning black pants, a black hoodie with American flag stripes on the back and a black face mask.

The bulletin described the other suspect as a medium-height, thin, black male, with tan pants and a black hoodie with the words “I didn’t do it” written on the back in yellow.

Police suggest that there is a pattern in the way the two carry out their robberies, according to information from WCAU-TV.

A common method the duo uses when they steal from Walmart stores is acting like customers when they approach a cashier.

When the cashier opens the cash drawer, they attack  and then snatch the money.

In many of their heists, one of them has worn the same “I didn’t do it” hoodie, and the two have escaped using the same black Lexus ES 250, police said, according to WCAU-TV.

“No retailer is immune to the challenge of crime, and we recognize its impact at the highest levels of our company,” Walmart said in a statement shared with WCAU-TV.

“We’re aware of the crimes occurring in multiple states along the Eastern Seaboard and will continue working with local and state law enforcement to help bring these criminals to justice.”

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