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Schumer Compares Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation to Jesus Christ’s Resurrection: ‘The Stone Has Been Rolled Away From The Tomb’ (VIDEO)

  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) commemorated Easter Sunday by comparing judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supr...


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) commemorated Easter Sunday by comparing judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Jewish Demonrat began his address to worshippers at A.R. Bernard’s Christian Cultural Center Megachurch in New York City during “Resurrection Sunday” service by race-baiting, touting identity politics and railing against former President Donald Trump.

“My brothers and sisters, increasing diversity of all our federal judges has been one of my highest priorities,” Schumer said. “I’m proud to say under my leadership as majority leader, the first from New York, a majority of the new justices, judges, are people of color and two-thirds are women. These judges together with Justice Jackson are restoring balance to our judicial system that was thrown out of wack by Donald Trump and his vicious, nasty, and, sometimes even outright racists, appointed to the bench.”

Justice Ketanji’s confirmation to the Supreme Court serves as a reminder that “even in the darkest times, there are bright lights,” Schumer said. “And this month, folks, we witnessed one of the brightest that we hope is a metaphor, an indication, a good omen of more bright lights to come, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice KBJ.”

Schumer then compared the appointment of Jackson, a judge notorious for leniency even in baby sex torture cases, to Jesus’ resurrection, declaring, “The stone has been rolled away from the tomb.”


In October, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul gave a speech from the same pulpit at the Christian Cultural Center Megachurch urging worshippers to act as “my apostles” and get vaccinated.

While Schumer compares Jackson’s confirmation to the resurrection of Christ, the newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice has a long history of giving the lightest possible punishments to pedophiles and perpetrators of child rape pornography.


As the New York Post reported, in 2018, Jackson issued the absolute bare minimum sentence to Christopher Michael Downs who openly bragged about molesting his 13-year-old cousin. Downs was arrested for trading videos of child rape featuring toddlers as young as 2-years old.

Jackson “acknowledged the average sentence nationally ‘for similarly situated defendants’ was 81 months, but she gave him the statutory mandatory minimum sentence of 60 months, which was short of the nearly six years prosecutors asked for,” the Post notes.

Ryan Manning Cooper was arrested for distributing more than 600 images involving rape and torture of children including infants and toddlers. While presiding over Coopers’s case in April 2021, Jackson sided with Cooper, citing letters family members sent to her describing the child predator as “kind, hard-working, dependable, loving,” and concluded, “I have no reason to doubt those representations.”

She offered the pedophile advice, noting, “There are going to be a lot of restrictions that the law places on you because you are a convicted sex offender, and you’re going to need the support of these people during this next phase of your life.”

In 2009, Jackson, who has repeatedly argued federal sentencing guidelines for child porn are “outdated”  and “too severe” to justify light sentences for child sexual predators, was nominated by President Obama to vice-chair of the US Sentencing Commission, where she weakened federal sentencing policy for child pornographers.

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