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Leaked video shows LGBT indoctrination is occurring at America’s private schools, too

  Though much of the focus centers around what is taking place in America’s public schools, a   new report   has found that America’s   priv...

 Though much of the focus centers around what is taking place in America’s public schools, a new report has found that America’s private schools are also a hotbed of LGBT perversion and indoctrination.

An “extensive trove” of documents and video evidence from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the national accreditation association for American private schools and a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit group, shows that private school students are being exposed to “LGBTQ+ inclusive” curricula that contains sexually explicit content.

In some cases, children as young as four are being exposed to such content without their parents’ knowledge or consent, robbing these precious children of their innocence and childhood.  

“Starting in Pre-K we talk about their bodies, the parts that they were born with, about penises and vaginas and whether they make somebody a boy or girl,” a lecturer from an NAIS training workshop held in 2020 is seen saying in one of the video clips.

“But also their feelings, what do they feel like inside, do they feel like a boy or a girl? What does their head say? Do their heart and their body match up?”

The same lecturer went on to talk about how seven-year-olds need to be taught gender identity concepts “in terms of your head and your heart and your body parts matching up … and what happens if it doesn’t.”


As for fifth-graders, the lecturer says that 10-year-olds are old enough to start learning about “gender identity,” “gender expression” and “sexual orientation,” as well as “internal and external genitalia … hormones and chromosomes … something you can only change with a whole lot of effort.”

NAIS says parents who object to LGBT indoctrination of children are guilty of “Puritan talk”

At one point in the presentation, a teacher who claims that her school is “super progressive” admitted to “accidentally” showing the wrong LGBT indoctrination book to her pre-kindergarten children.

The book contained graphic information about “the vulva and the labia,” which generated “horror” from the class of children who do not even yet understand what sexuality is.

The teacher laughed about it and said she “made a really big mistake,” but encouraged the room to “be kind to yourself when you’re delving into this stuff” because such “mistakes” are bound to happen.

So-called “undercover mothers” all around the country are working hard to expose this stuff. And for doing so, they, along with other concerned parents, are being given the dismissive label of “Puritan talk.”

Those feeding curricula into private schools say that it is prudish to oppose the use of gender-fluidity-promoting materials, such as “Gender Unicorn” and “Genderbread Person” propaganda, or the use of colorful flags that designate “alternative” sexual orientations such as homosexuality or transgenderism.

Perhaps even more concerning is the language in NAIS school enrollment contracts that prohibits parents from expressing “strong disagreement” with such material. Those who disagree could see their children expelled from private school.

“It is clear that our schools, at the direction [of] NAIS, are actively working to rob our children of their innocence and sow doubt about the most fundamental aspects of human nature,” said the mother of an eight-year-old boy who was groomed by one of these schools to “affirm his gender.”

“It is nothing short of child abuse. Parents of young children should be shaken to their core,” the mother added, choosing to remain anonymous for her own protection and the protection of her son. “Who are you trusting to teach your children? What are they learning?”

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