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Whitlock: By not defining woman, Ketanji Brown Jackson defines herself as do-what-thou-wilt activist

  You don’t need to be a biologist to define the word woman. Common sense paired with a commitment to truth will do the trick. Ketanji Brown...

 You don’t need to be a biologist to define the word woman. Common sense paired with a commitment to truth will do the trick.

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, either lacks common sense or veracity. The absence of either should disqualify her from a seat on the court.

Tuesday evening, during Jackson’s confirmation hearing, Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn asked the nominee about a 1996 Supreme Court ruling that struck down Virginia Military Institute’s male-only admissions policy. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion, which stated that physical differences between men and women are enduring and that the two sexes are not fungible.

Blackburn asked Jackson if she agreed with Ginsburg’s assessment of men and women. After a pregnant pause, Jackson responded: “Senator, respectfully, I’m not familiar with that particular quote or case, so it’s hard for me to comment.”

OK. Blackburn eventually pivoted to a simpler question: Can you provide a definition for the word woman? 

“Can I provide a definition? No. I can’t,” Jackson said.  

“You can’t?” Blackburn retorted.

“Not in this context. I’m not a biologist,” Jackson replied.

I’m not a biologist either. Unlike Jackson, my parents were not college graduates or educators. My dad did not graduate from high school. My mother was a 30-year factory worker. I was never a candidate to attend Harvard, Jackson’s alma mater. I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in football, excessive socializing, and a 2.23 grade point average. 

Shockingly, I can provide a definition of the word woman: adult female person.

I can even provide a definition of the word female: a human being born with a vagina, ovaries, uterus, XX chromosomes, and breasts that produce milk for feeding babies and the enjoyment of men.

Those differences, among other things, separate men from women. You don’t need a biology degree to know this. These differences have been chronicled in a wide variety of popular publications, from Playboy magazine to National Geographic to the granddaddy of them all, the Bible.

God created man and woman.

I suspect Ketanji Brown Jackson disputes that last statement. Disagreement over that statement is what is at the heart of the division tearing this country apart. Who is really in control, God or man? Is truth malleable to the whims of men and women?

Jackson does not lack common sense. She can define the word woman. If she can’t, she should ask President Biden. He made it clear he picked Jackson because she’s a black woman.

Jackson’s flaw is that her commitment to truth is fungible based on how truth impacts her politics. She’s a politician, not a judge, not an arbiter of truth. Her particular brand of politics – left-wing – requires her to eschew a biblical worldview that values truth above all else.

Liberals believe the human mind determines gender. Men and women are their own gods. Our alleged mastery of science and technology makes us masters of the universe. Our thoughts and desires must be liberated, affirmed, normalized, and surgically imposed. We’re gods.

Gods do not tame their ambitions to be in submission to a higher power. The satanic Thelema cult argues that “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

America is locked in a battle of competing ideologies centered on the purpose of life. Are we here to pursue a life in accordance with biblical principles and values? Or are we here to find and determine our true will?

UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas believes he is here to find his true will. He wants to be a woman. Twitter activist Shaun King wants black skin. Colin Kaepernick wants to be Muhammad Ali. Same-sex-attracted men want to get pregnant and bear children.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley thinks Ketanji Brown Jackson is a true-will advocate, a confederate of activists installing a do-what-thou-wilt mindset into our culture and legal system. His questions surrounding Jackson’s apparent sentencing sympathy toward child pornographers are likely his way of expressing concern that Jackson believes adult attraction to minors is just another sinful desire America should normalize.

The Supreme Court interprets the U.S. Constitution. Our founding fathers, despite their flaws, laced the Declaration of Independence and Constitution with biblical principles and values.

Thomas Jefferson could provide a definition for the word woman. He knew that slavery was wrong. He wrote founding documents that doomed the institution of American slavery. He did this because he believed his life purpose was to pursue a life in accordance with biblical principles and values. He valued the truth, even the truths that damned him.

Brown Jackson doesn’t value the truth. That makes her unfit for the Supreme Court. She’s an activist who will collaborate with the activists who want to dismantle the Constitution and write one that favors people in search of their true will.

She wants to be on the right side of a history leftists plan to write. The Constitution is written for Americans who want to be on the right side of God.

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