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VIDEO: Ketanji Brown Jackson says she can't define the word 'woman' because she's 'not a biologist'

  U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson said during confirmation hearings Tuesday that she can't define the word "woman&...

 U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson said during confirmation hearings Tuesday that she can't define the word "woman" because she's "not a biologist."

What are the details?

Republican U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee raised the question to Jackson in light of the growing controversy surrounding biological males who identify as females — and then compete against biological females in sports.

“Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” Blackburn asked Jackson

“Can I provide a definition?" Jackson replied, after which Blackburn confirmed that was the question.

"No," Jackson said. "I can’t."

“You can’t?” Blackburn inquired.

“Not in this context," Jackson replied, smiling and gently laughing. "I’m not a biologist."

Blackburn continued: “So you believe the meaning of the word ‘woman’ is so unclear and controversial that you can’t give me a definition?”

“Senator, in my work a judge, what I do is I address disputes,” Jackson replied. “If there's a dispute about a definition, people make arguments, and I look at the law, and I decide, so, I’m not —” 

Blackburn shot back, saying, "The fact that you can’t give me a straight answer about something as fundamental as what a woman is underscores the dangers of the kind of progressive education that we are hearing about,” after which the senator brought up the controversy surrounding swimmer Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer who crushed the competition in the 500-yard freestyle at the NCAA women's swimming championships. 

“Just last week an entire generation of young girls watched as our taxpayer-funded institutions permitted a biological man to compete and beat a biological woman in the NCAA swimming championships,” Blackburn told Jackson before asking, “What message do you think this sends to girls who aspire to compete and win in sports at the highest levels?”

“Senator, I’m not sure what message that sends,” Jackson answered. "If you're asking me about the legal issues related to it, those are topics that are being hotly discussed as you say and could come to the court."

Anything else?

Jackson's deflection seems to be a favorite tool among leftists who support transgender women competing against biological females. In fact, readers of TheBlaze saw that play out in the bleachers at the NCAA women's swimming championships when a woke man argued with a woman that Thomas indeed belonged at the meet. “Are you a biologist?” the man asked her — all while Thomas cruised in the pool ahead of other swimmers.

In addition to Blackburn's questioning, Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas grilled Jackson about her views on critical race theory, which sent Twitter into an indignant frenzy. And during his opening statement Monday, Cruz blasted Democrats for their "explicitly racial" treatment of Republican judicial nominees.

"If you are Hispanic or African-American, and you dare depart from their political orthodoxy, they will crush you, they will attack you, they will slander you, they will filibuster you," Cruz told Jackson, who would be the first black woman to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court if confirmed.

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