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Team Biden in 'serious PANIC mode': Will Hunter take the fall for Joe?

  We are possibly on the verge of World War III, and look who's leading America. Joe Biden has been  compromised , and now Biden family ...

 We are possibly on the verge of World War III, and look who's leading America. Joe Biden has been compromised, and now Biden family corruption in places like China, Ukraine, and Russia may be disrupting the president’s foreign policy decision making in a big way.

Investigative reporter and author Peter Schweizer is one of the few who will actually talk about the evidence we now have that President Biden has been compromised and has committed high crimes — money trails found on Hunter Biden's laptop that lead to Russia, China, and Ukraine.

Peter joined the "Glenn Beck Program" to explain why he believes the White House is bracing for an indictment of Hunter Biden. But could that actually lead to impeachment proceedings against Joe?

Peter notes that in the bombshell New York Times article, "Team Biden basically acknowledges" that Hunter Biden may very well be indicted on tax evasion charges, at very least. Other possible crimes the Biden's could be facing include money laundering, failing to file as a foreign agent with the Department of Justice, and political corruption. 

"[The NYT article] reveals that Hunter paid a million dollars in back taxes. Of course, he did that 18 months after the grand jury started looking into this, but to me that is a massive admission that they are trying to get ahead of this story," Peter explains. "They realize that it's a big problem. And I think that it's going to create an enormous problem within the Biden family because the question becomes: does Hunter Biden take the fall for his dad? Or if he is indicted, does he actually fight this? [Because] by fighting it, it brings in all the material from the prosecutors about how some of the money ended up with his dad and the favors that his dad performed. So, I think they're in serious panic mode in team Biden." 

Peter goes on to break down the details of the alleged "high crimes" that could finally be exposed, but admits that there are "several hurdles" still standing in the way. He also explains why he actually has hope the far-left mainstream media will ultimately report this story the way it deserves.


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