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Secretary of State Blinken Claims Biden Will “Counter Iran’s Aggressive Behavior” Yet Gives Iran Everything in a Deal Right After Iran Bombed US Troops

  The AP released a garbage piece supporting the Biden Administration in its insane agreement with Iran.  Biden will give the world’s number...


The AP released a garbage piece supporting the Biden Administration in its insane agreement with Iran. 

Biden will give the world’s number one terrorist state billions and everything it wants right after Iran just bombed the US.

This is not in the US’s best interest.  It is seditious and insane.

We reported only two weeks ago on the Biden-Obama Administration giving Iran everything it wants in a deal right after Iran bombed a US base in Iraq.

Biden is giving Iran everything it wants in a deal that only helps Iran and pushes other Middle East nations away from the US and towards China and Russia.  There is nothing in Biden’s deal that is good for the US.

We’ve reported that Biden has Russia and China negotiating on behalf of the US in the deal which is as insane as having the Taliban protect US troops in Afghanistan.  The result of this was 13 dead US soldiers.

The Iran deal is jaw-dropping according to experts and US Senators.  Biden’s deal with Iran shows he is an illegitimate President and the world knows it.  When President Trump was willing to stand up to Iran, the Middle East saw peace.  Now Saudi Arabia is going to Russia and China for protection and against the US.

Despite the fact that the whole world knows that the Iran deal is insane and self-defeating for the US, Biden-Obama is charging ahead.  The one thing the Biden gang has in its court no matter how insane their actions are is the corrupt fake news media.

The AP released a piece saying that the Biden gang is only putting together the Iran deal to protect the world from Iran which by all accounts is a bad joke.   The AP says in an article at Newsmax:

The Biden administration has been working to renew the 2015 nuclear deal, which placed curbs on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in sanctions relief. With support from Israel, the Trump administration withdrew from the deal in 2018, causing it to unravel.

Although Iran has since raced ahead with its nuclear program, Israel and Gulf Arab countries are deeply concerned about restoring the original deal. Israel fears it does not include enough safeguards to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Both Israel and its Gulf allies also believe that relief from economic sanctions will allow Iran to step up its military activities across the region, including support for hostile militant groups.

Blinken said the U.S. believes that restoring the nuclear deal “is the best way to put Iran’s program back in the box it was in.” He added: “Our commitment to the core principle of Iran never acquiring a nuclear weapon is unwavering.”

He also vowed to cooperate with Israel to counter Iran’s “aggressive behavior” across the region.

President Trump was involved in four peace deals in the Middle East after putting curbs on Iran and sanctions.  For the AP to suggest that Iran was not racing ahead with its nuclear program after Obama’s insane deal with Iran, is a joke.  President Trump’s tough sanctions on Iran brought peace, this renewed deal brings Iran the atomic bomb.

 Biden should be removed from office if this deal goes through.  It is anti-American and goes against everything America stands for. 

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