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Russians, Ukrainians Take Advantage of Biden’s Free-for-All on the Southern Border as They Flee Eastern Europe – Thousands have Already Come to the US Through Mexico

  Ever since Biden took office, he has opened the floodgates on the US Southern Border, catching the attention of the entire world in the pr...


Ever since Biden took office, he has opened the floodgates on the US Southern Border, catching the attention of the entire world in the process.

In short, he hung a welcome sign on the door, marked the floor to direct invaders where to pick up their taxpayer-funded plane tickets, and sent them on their way with some more goodies – like hotel rooms, food, supplies, and even cash – all, again, paid for by the US taxpayer.

It’s no wonder a record number of people have illegally crossed the border in the past 13 months. Not to even mention the countless number of invaders who are able to sneak through undetected. This is a foreign invasion, the likes of which America has never seen.

And it’s not just people from countries south of the US, people from all over the world have been showing up in droves on America’s southern border to take advantage of the free-for-all – including Ukrainians and Russians, who have started to show up more frequently as the ongoing conflict worsens between their home countries.

According to a new report by Reuters, a “growing number” of Russian and Ukrainian “refugees” have figured out a way to take advantage of Biden’s foreigner-first border policy and are arriving in the Southern US to claim asylum as they flee Putin’s invasion in Eastern Europe.

At least these are educated war refugees and not illiterate third-world economic migrants.

These so-called ‘asylum seekers’ are reportedly buying plane tickets to Mexico, buying cheap junk cars, and driving north across the border in order to secure their coveted refugee status from the Biden administration.

From Reuters:

“A growing number of Russians and Ukrainians are traveling to Mexico, buying throwaway cars and driving across the border into the United States to seek asylum, a trend that could accelerate as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced more than a million people to flee their homes.”

Not only are they buying plane tickets and making their way halfway across the globe to claim asylum in the US, but this new wave of refugees from eastern Europe likely passed through multiple other countries that would have qualified as the ‘first country of asylum‘ for these “refugees;” therefore, they should not be eligible for asylum in the US, per Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which are still in effect.

This influx of Russians and Ukrainians did not begin when Putin invaded Ukraine, either. Instead, it has been going on for several months, increasing as time goes on, as the prospect of war in the region heated up. According to U.S. border officials, around 6,400 Russians were encountered between October 2021 and January 2022, which is substantially more than the number seen in all of the fiscal year 2021 (4,100).

Following Putin’s invasion, the number is expected to rise dramatically as more people are displaced. The number of encounters for February and March has not been released as of yet, so there is no word as of yet on how much of increase border agents are seeing currently.

The number of Ukrainians who were encountered crossing the US border also increased dramatically over the same four-month timeframe, with over 1,000 apprehended between October and January, which was also a large increase over the prior year’s numbers (680).

Despite the long travels and other countries they could apply for asylum in, “almost all” of the Russians and Ukrainians who make it stateside have been allowed to stay, according to Reuters. They have been coming so frequently over the past several months that Russians are actually one of the three top nationalities to arrive at some border-area migrant shelters.

From Reuters:

“Since June, Russians have consistently been among the top three nationalities arriving at a San Diego shelter, according to data published by the San Diego Rapid Response Network, a coalition of nonprofits, attorneys and community leaders. Last week, Ukrainians were the third most-common nationality among arrivals.

The CBP figures include only migrants who arrived before Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine. But one current and one former border official who spoke with Reuters on condition of anonymity said there could be further increases as the fighting has intensified.”

There are reports claiming that as many as 2,000,000 Ukrainian nationals have already fled the country, and we are just hitting the middle of week three. That number likely doesn’t even include the Russian citizens who are leaving the area, so, by the end of this, the numbers could be in the millions – and that’s only if the conflict remains contained within Ukraine’s borders. If a larger-scale war breaks out, there is no telling the number of people who will be displaced.

Just one question – Now that those pesky Russians are involved, will Biden and the DC Swamp finally do something about border security?

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