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ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: The Assault on Free Speech Picks Up Steam

  The Assault on Free Speech picks up Steam Free speech is dead in America. Thanks to the Democrat/Corporate News Media/Silicon Valley cabal...


The Assault on Free Speech picks up Steam

Free speech is dead in America. Thanks to the Democrat/Corporate News Media/Silicon Valley cabal any discussion about the effectiveness and safety of COVID-19 vaccinations, the highly suspect results of the last Presidential election or the real reasons why Russia has gone to war with Ukraine will immediately get you banned from the public dialogue. Question the wisdom of putting NATO missiles in Ukraine on Russia’s border or US funding of bioweapon labs in Ukraine and you will be labeled Pro-Putin but denied any forum to deny this ridiculous claim. God forbid that you oppose World War III!

I am not a newcomer to these growingly effective efforts to stifle free speech and free expression. In 2017, I was banned for life from Twitter where I had 980k followers, and I regularly posted a pungent, truth-based commentary on my Twitter feed. Twitter executives never explicitly told me which one of my posts mandated my being banished but I think it was one of my postings in which I hurt Jake Tapper’s feelings that got me knocked off what was then a lively net-based debate.

With the additional de-platforming of more and more conservative voices on Twitter, the entire platform has devolved into a fever swamp of hate and, in the case of me and my family, blood lust. The Twitter community thought it was positively hysterically funny only weeks ago when Saturday Night Live, jokingly suggested that my 73-year-old wife, who is both hearing impaired and recovering from stage 4 cancer, be gang-raped by members of the January 6th House Committee because of my decision to envoke my 5th amendment rights regarding their witch hunt.

The day that the DC Court of Appeals upheld my fraudulent conviction in the Soviet-style show trial I was subjected to by Judge Amy Berman Jackson after Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his thugs charged me with lying to Congress about Russian Collusion which they later admitted in their long redacted final report,  never existed and for which, in my specific case, they could find no evidence.  Facebook produced a 95-page report by some fraudulent research group funded by George Soros which falsely claimed that I owned and controlled over 100 fake Facebook profiles.

This clever blend of innocuous fact and outrageous fiction was used as a rationale to ban me from Facebook , separating me from the 3.5 million followers spread between my personal page and the Facebook page for every one of the best selling books I have written, not to mention the page for my blog, Because the fascists at Facebook also own Instagram, I was also banned for life there also causing huge disappointment among my 85k followers on that platform.

Last week, I made a speech in San Diego, in which I outlined a thoroughly constitutional and legal path for Donald Trump to return to the White House before 2024 which would require Republicans taking control of both Houses in 2022, the election of a subset of hardcore America First Republicans in each house, who would use their leverage to both ensure that Donald Trump became Speaker of the House and, after Joe Biden is removed from power under the 25th amendment by his own party, would refuse the confirmation of a newly appointed Vice President and ensure the impeachment of President Kamala Harris .

As a practical political operative, I candidly admit that this path is a narrow one but I also note that the volatility in our current politics makes outrageous and implausible political scenarios entirely possible. If you believe Joe Biden got 81 million votes, I will take it as proof that anything is possible.

My speech and the “Stone Plan ” I outlined in it, were extremely well received, and I was gratified to see that when I posted the video on Youtube, I had over one thousand downloads almost instantaneously.

Needless to say I was not shocked when hours later Youtube informed me that they had deleted the entire Stone Cold truth Youtube channel because my discussion of election fraud violated their “Community Standards.”

What I did find shocking was the fact that when I was interviewed by Frank Morano of WABC Radio in New York regarding the “Stone Plan” and its political viability, WABC’s Youtube channel was also suspended. Incredible.


I guess I should not have been surprised, roughly a month ago I spoke in Canton, Ohio where I talked about fraud in the Presidential Election, my own personal reaffirmation in my faith of Jesus Christ, and my deep appreciation of the fact that through the healing power of the lord, my wife of 30 years had survived Stage 4 Cancer. 

When I posted this speech on Vimeo, I was immediately banned.

Rather than be dejected about this stifling of Free Speech, I believe it only underlines the growing desperation of the cabal currently running the country as their narrative regarding COVID-19, the last Presidential Election, and the facts regarding the current Russia-Ukraine conflict, are becoming known to an ever-growing number of the American People. America’s “Esther” moment is coming. It is important to note that in every epic battle in the Bible in which God’s forces go to war, they are both always overwhelmingly outnumbered and victorious. So shall it be with America.

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