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Leftists let their hatred flow for hospitalized Justice Clarence Thomas — and even wish for his death: 'Let's hope the infection wins!'

  Funny how extremists on the left who so consistently rail against "hate" are only too happy to do so when there's bad news a...

 Funny how extremists on the left who so consistently rail against "hate" are only too happy to do so when there's bad news about notable conservatives.

Who can forget how leftists gleefully reacted when conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh died or when former President Donald Trump came down with COVID?

And on cue, out-for-blood leftists were only too happy to heap ill-will upon conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who was hospitalized Friday with a non-COVID infection.

What are the details?

It's not likely too difficult to guess the content of some of the reactions — but here's a sampling anyway from Twitter:

  • "Here’s hoping the infection wins!" one commenter wrote.
  • "I never want to see anyone get sick and die but..." another user said.
  • "I’ve never rooted harder for an infection in my life," another commenter noted.
  • "My condolences to the hospital that has to treat him," another user said.
  • "Let's all pray that God does the 'right' thing, yes that pun was intended," another commenter wrote, along with a "CNN" hashtag. "Clarence has done so much damage to this country and to many people."
  • "Oh please please please let this be him getting his just desserts," another user said.
  • "Hope the Lord calls him home tomorrow," another commenter wrote. "In great pain."
  • "You can absolutely get excited for Clarence Thomas to die," another user said. "Thats not even a question."
  • "Man I sure hope Clarence Thomas briefly recovers and then dies from something more painful," another user said.
  • "Wishing Clarence Thomas a very please f***ing die a painful death," another user wrote.

Anything else?

Unfortunately for the Thomas haters, the Supreme Court noted in a statement Sunday that his condition has been improving, and he should be released from the hospital in a few days.

While Thomas will miss some oral arguments, the court said he will participate in cases he cannot be physically present for through briefs, transcripts, and audio recordings. His temporary absence will not change the balance of the court. 

Conservative figures such as evangelical Christian leader Franklin Graham hoped and prayed for Thomas' quick recovery.

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