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“King” James Crowned “Worst Actor” by Razzie Awards for His Trainwreck Performance in Space Jam 2 – “A 115 Min Commercial For All Things Warner Media”

  Last year,  billionaire  woke basketballer Lebron James made his first foray into the Hollywood movie business with the release of his mov...


Last year, billionaire woke basketballer Lebron James made his first foray into the Hollywood movie business with the release of his movie Space Jam 2: A New Legacy.

James, who wears 23 in honor of the G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan, looked to follow in His Airness’ footsteps by releasing a hit blockbuster flick that would catapult his career and allow him to transcend the confines of the basketball court, as Jordan did with the original movie.

However, things did not go according to plan. Even after canceling Pepe LePew – a cartoon skunk – over his unwanted sexual advances in order to appease the woke mob, James’ remake of the original completely bombed at the box office and was widely ridiculed because of its unabashedly woke themes and its complete divergence from the original. Not only that but James himself was blasted for being “unnatural” and “stiff” in his performance. 


From the plot to the acting, to the constant propaganda, the movie was terrible all around. In other words, it was a woke joke, but Lebron won’t be going home empty-handed.

This week, “King” James stole the show at the 42nd Annual Razzie Awards, taking home the top spot in three of the four categories he was nominated for, including “Worst Actor” for his trainwreck performance in the Space Jam remake.

James’ acting job was so bad that he was also awarded the title of “Worst Screen Couple” relating to when he appeared alongside “any warner cartoon character or Warner Media product” throughout the entirety of the film. Not even good ol’ Bugs Bunny could help him be more likable, according to the Razzies, Lebron “dribbled on” his Looney Toon co-stars every time they paired on screen.


In addition to Lebron’s personal accolades, Space Jam 2, which was ridiculed “as a 115 minute commercial for all things WarnerMedia,” also won the “tacky, gold-spray-painted statuette” in the category for “Worst Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel” and came down to the wire for the title of “Worst Picture,” placing a close second behind Netflix’s ‘Diana: The Musical’ – a movie so bad that critics said it makes the musical ‘Cats’ “look like a masterpiece.” 

BOOM. Maybe Lebron should have taken Laura Inghram’s advice and stuck to basketball.

Thanks to “local talent” Lebron will receive his “un-coveted $4.97” faux-oscar in the mail very soon, according to the Razzies.  

From the Razzie’s Press Release, perfectly titled: “Two Hunks of Cinematic Space Junk Dominate 42nd Annual Razzies”:

“Dribbling into second place with three “wins” was Space Jam: A New Legacy, more of a remake than a sequel, called out as a 115 minute commercial for all things WarnerMedia. Basketball phenom LeBron James was the MVP in both Worst Actor and Worst Screen Couple (along with all those cartoon co-stars and product plugs) while the film itself was chosen Worst Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel.”

When will Lebron ever learn… He’s got nothing on Mike.

Get woke, go broke.

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