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Instead of 2-Year-Old Son, Parent Finds a Horrifying Note

  One of the hallmarks of Joe Biden’s destructive presidency is that Americans no longer can take anything for granted. The latest terrifyin...

 One of the hallmarks of Joe Biden’s destructive presidency is that Americans no longer can take anything for granted. The latest terrifying realization is that your children might not be safe even in your own home.

On Friday, Victor Ramirez Alvarez of Big Lake, Minnesota, was charged with kidnapping after he reportedly confessed to abducting a 2-year-old boy from his bed in the middle of the night as the toddler’s family slept.

The boy was later returned safely to his mother, WCCO-TV in Minneapolis reported. 

Alvarez was charged with kidnapping and depriving a parent of parental rights by concealing a minor child from his parents.

His bond was set at $1 million without conditions, or $500,000 with conditions, the outlet reported. 

Investigators said Alvarez, 22, abducted the boy while his mother was working a night shift at a local farm. At the time, family members who were babysitting the child were asleep in another part of the house, according to the criminal complaint.

When the mom got home from work and checked her son’s bedroom, she noticed that he was missing. 

The family searched the house and found a note, written in Spanish and English, in which the kidnapper asked for forgiveness and confessed that he had abducted the boy, “indicating that there was a prior plan to do so,” the complaint said.The mother told investigators she knew the kidnapper as a man named “Benigno Ramirez” who was “very fond of her son, frequently gave them rides, bought him things, h

ugged him and took photos with him.”

The complaint said Alvarez had visited the home several times before and knew where the child’s bedroom was located.

He also had asked the mother if he could date her, according to the complaint. She refused.

Several hours after the kidnapping, investigators received a tip from the manager of the restaurant that employed Alvarez. Authorities searched the suspect’s home, but neither he nor the child was there. 

“Then, at 11:47 p.m., almost 10 hours after the boy had first been reported missing, a woman called 911 to report she had found a boy in her garage at a home in Zion Township in rural Stearns County,” KMSP-TV reported.

“The child, she said, was alone and strapped into a booster seat. Officers responded and recovered the boy, who was unharmed.” 

When investigators questioned Alvarez, they said, he confessed that he had kidnapped the boy and dropped him off in an empty garage of someone he knew.


Ramirez’s charges could bring him up to 20 years in prison and a $35,000 fine, KMSP reported. His first court appearance was scheduled for Thursday.

Obviously, this crime is not directly Biden‘s fault. However, it’s the latest example of lawlessness running amok across the United States.

Criminal activity of all kinds — both violent and nonviolent — has metastasized nationwide, thanks to the soft-on-crime policies of this administration and its Democratic cronies.

As if getting rid of bail and installing soft-on-crime prosecutors haven’t emboldened crooks enough, Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, has a track record of being lenient on pedophiles.

Under Biden and Democrats, the United States has gotten significantly less safe for everyone. If you think this observation is hyperbole, just look at what’s happening every day in liberal cities (and suburbs) across the nation.

We don’t have to live like this, and we owe it to our children to stop this sickening normalization of savage criminality.

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