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Glenn Beck: Could CALIFORNIA be the downfall of BLM?

  With the war in Ukraine and inflation at home, why would Glenn Beck talk about Black Lives Matter Inc. Wednesday Night? Well, Glenn believ...

 With the war in Ukraine and inflation at home, why would Glenn Beck talk about Black Lives Matter Inc. Wednesday Night?

Well, Glenn believes that things are beginning to come clear about why corporations would dump millions into an organization like Black Lives Matter that is openly against capitalism.

As Glenn looked deeper into where BLM's unaccounted donations went, things might not be on the up and up.

Now, even the states of Washington and California have had enough of BLM's financial funny business. But, will this finally be enough to tank this corrupt leftist powerhouse?

Almost two years ago, Glenn Beck first looked into BLM's fundraising. All donations to BLM in 2020 — during all the post-George Floyd hysteria — were donated through ActBlue. ActBlue was the go-to payment portal for four major Democratic party organizations.

According to Glenn, ActBlue takes 3.95-percent of each donation as a processing fee. However, last year, ActBlue reported to the IRS that for 2020 it earned over 3.1 million dollars in processing fees from BLM donations. 

Glenn observed that, according to the Washington Examiner, if 3.1 million dollars represents the 3.95-percent that ActBlue kept in processing fees, that means that in addition to the 60 million dollars, more than 78 million dollars donated to BLM came in small-donor donations in 2020. 

But in 2021, Glenn said, ActBlue reported earning 517 thousand dollars in fees from BLM. That would mean another 13 million dollars in donations. So, where is that money?

Glenn explained that after collecting its fee, ActBlue sent the rest of the donations to Thousand Currents, BLM's fiscal sponsor. Thousand Currents also charged BLM a 15% handling fee.

"Wow," Glenn said, "so that was 20% of everything raised, gone." The non-profit industry-standard rate is between five and "if you want to be grotesque" 10%. After taking its significant cut, Thousand Currents sent the money on to BLM? But, under fiscal sponsorship, rules Thousand Currents was required to report how its funds would be spent.

Glenn learned that on July 20, Thousand Currents decided to get out of the fiscal sponsorship business, leaving BLM to seek a new fiscal sponsor. Guess who BLM chose? Who else — the George Soros funded Tides Foundation, of course.

In late January, California's Department of Justice warned BLM they had 60 days to comply with financial reporting requirements, or it would hold BLM's leaders personally liable.

"You know it's bad when California and Washington are on your case," Glenn said.


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