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“Don’t Put Words in My Mouth and Don’t Try to Spin It” – HERO Steve Bannon SHREDS Far Left Reporter Following Jan 6 Lawfare Hearing

  Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon had  another hearing in Washington DC court  on Wednesday in the DOJ’s ongoing assault against ...


Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon had another hearing in Washington DC court on Wednesday in the DOJ’s ongoing assault against the outspoken Trump supporter.

After the hearing, Steve Bannon spoke to the assembled reporters. Far left activist Scott MacFarlane from local CBS tried to shame Bannon for his stance against the stolen 2020 election. 

Steve Bannon did not hold back against the liberal mob.

Steve Bannon: “This has nothing to do with January 6. That was all noise. What is essential in my work is taking down the illegitimate regime of the Biden administration and I do it every day. I do not consider them legitimate. I’ve said this many times. I think this election on November 3rd was stolen. And I’ve gone out publicly day after day after day. Number two, to make sure this November by an overwhelming vote we destroy the Democratic Party as a political institution. Which we will do. 

Leftist MacFarlane: “Destroy” may be troubling in the wake of January 6.

Steve Bannon: No, no, no, no… I said at the ballot box. You’ve seen all the polling. You’ve seen how we’re doing in South Texas among Hispanics. You’ve seen how we’re doing among African Americans. The illegitimate regime’s polling is at all-time lows. So don’t put words in my mouth and don’t try to spin it, I said at the ballot box, overwhelming, and we’re going to take a 100 seat majority. 

It really is shocking just how radical and openly leftist the fake news media has become these past few years.
They really have no intention of hiding their loyalties anymore. They wear their bias like a badge today.

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