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CJ Pearson: President Trump knows that McConnell-backed Mike Durant is John McCain 2.0

  Guest post by CJ Pearson I broke the story of Mike Durant’s attempted Trojan Horse con on the people of Alabama earlier this year. The sto...


Guest post by CJ Pearson

I broke the story of Mike Durant’s attempted Trojan Horse con on the people of Alabama earlier this year. The story has since made waves in the state and nationally on outlets like Fox News.

But I also know that it’s made its way to Mar-a-lago, where President Trump has since started doing his own in-depth research on the “RINO in uniform” trying to fake being a conservative on the campaign trail.

What people are discovering on Durant is shocking, and it makes it clear that he’s Mitch McConnell’s best-case scenario in the Alabama Senate race.

Fox Business recently detailed that Durant’s super PAC is not only being funded by major donors of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Lincoln Project, but some of McConnell’s top financial supporters are pouring money in to boost Durant, as well.

Why? Durant was recruited into the race by the Swamp. They helped him set up his campaign team. And now they’re running millions of dollars’ worth of disingenuous ads on his behalf across Alabama.

Remember – the political director of the super PAC supporting Durant, Zack Czajkowski, used to be the political director of the Lincoln Project. He formerly worked on the campaigns of President Barack Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and Governor Terry McAuliffe.

The truth about Mike Durant isn’t showing up on TV right now. Ultimately, that’s because the media knows he’s the most liberal candidate in the race, and they want him to be Alabama’s next Senator.

Away from the camera, Durant is going around trashing President Trump and whispering to insiders that he’ll do their bidding.

At a D.C. fundraiser late last year, Durant told lobbyists that his main impetus for running was his opposition to President Trump and the fact that Durant thinks Trump patriots are a threat to democracy.

That reality is underscored by this big scoop – Liz Cheney has been hitting the D.C. cocktail circuit saying that Durant is her candidate in Alabama.

Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Public records show that Durant has only voted in one Republican primary his entire life – when John McCain was on the ballot in 2008. Durant was a national surrogate for McCain that election cycle.

Asked in December if election integrity would be “a focus (for him) or more of a soundbite,” Durant responded by saying, “Well, if you’ll notice when I talked about what my priorities were, I didn’t list that.”

“The timing is right for us to focus on really important things,” Durant added. “Let’s focus on things that really matter.”

Asked point blank if Trump won in 2020, Durant tried to deflect by laughing and telling a crowd in Huntsville, “We’re out of time.”

What a joke.

His campaign isn’t the only con that Durant has pulled recently.

In 2020, his government contracting company took $6 million in PPP funds from the federal government – money that was meant for small businesses, not the military industrial complex – and then he turned around and dumped $4 million into his own campaign account last year right before selling the company.

Yep, you’re following that correctly: we, the taxpayer, effectively took on more national debt so that a guy worth tens of millions of dollars could run for the U.S. Senate.

Even after Durant made his fortune as a government contractor, he still charges the U.S. military thousands of dollars per speech he gives to our troops. And he’s giving paid speeches on Wall Street to the likes of Goldman Sachs, Capital One, Sigma Financial Corporation, and Gulfstream.

In a livestreamed speech to a group of financial advisers just this past week, Durant complained, “I mean why would you not want more green cards available so that people can legally come into this country and work? I mean, we need that. This country was built on immigration.”

“I mean, you think about what is plaguing us, arguably most, across the country, certainly across the state, is a lack of labor. And we’re going to make it harder for immigrants who want to follow the process and want to get a green card to do so? I mean, it makes no sense whatsoever, that’s purely political.”

There’s more where that came from.

Asked in a recent radio interview, Durant said he would like more lenient immigration laws.

“[T]he issue seems to be that the path to citizenship is very difficult, so people don’t take it. So, you know that that needs to be resolved,” Durant remarked.

It’s no wonder why President Trump is telling allies that Durant is his nightmare in Alabama. He’ll be McCain 2.0 and likely the leader of the next Gang of 8.

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