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Christians Do What Gov't Can't, Deliver 1 Million Meals to Ukraine Refugees Fleeing War

  One of the miracles Jesus Christ is best known for was the feeding of 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. Well, over...

 One of the miracles Jesus Christ is best known for was the feeding of 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish.

Well, over the weekend His body, the church, took up the mantle of feeding the hungry by assembling meals for those who have fled war-torn Ukraine.

The effort is being spear-headed by the non-profit CityServe International

It may not have been miraculous, but it was truly amazing that in 24 hours over 1,800 volunteers came together at the City of Destiny church in the Orlando, Florida, area to pack 1,000,000 meals to ship to the region 

When The Western Journal spoke with CityServe officer and City of Destiny executive pastor Todd Lamphere midday Saturday, volunteers had already packaged nearly 400,000 meals.

“We just saw the hurt and the devastation from the people fleeing from Ukraine, from the oppression of [President Vladimir] Putin in Russia. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we’ve got to do something here, that these people need food,” he said.

“The amazing thing about this is we stood this project up in five days,” Lamphere added.

BBC reported Monday that 1.7 million people have fled Ukraine because of the Russian invasion. Over 1 million of those have gone to Poland.

City of Destiny church overseeing pastor Paula White-Cain tweeted that she was in awe of the humanitarian undertaking God brought together to help feed them.

Lamphere credited the non-profit No Child Hungry with moving mountains to get all the food and packaging materials to the City of Destiny so quickly. 

He explained that half of the meals are breakfast with apple cinnamon oatmeal as the main component and the other half are pasta-based dinners.

Other organizations partnering in the effort include Mercy Chefs, Paula White Ministries, Intercessors for America, Revival Missions, Intercessors for Ukraine, Pentecostal Union of Romania and Pentecostal European Fellowship. 


The meals will be distributed primarily in Poland, Romania and, perhaps, Ukraine itself, Lamphere said.

“My heart has been heavy and burdened over what we’re all watching take place in our world today,” White said in a statement

“Our dear friends in the Ukraine, people that I have ministered with, preached at churches with, not even know their whereabouts has been almost tormenting,” she added.

“We’re working through the churches in Poland and Romania, and we had people on the ground quickly.”

CityServe posted on its Facebook page that their leadership team arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on Monday and is working with one of the largest church networks in Europe to coordinate food distribution.

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