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'Bipolar' Anti-Trump Man Reportedly Heading to Mar-a-Lago After Stabbing NYC Museum Employees

  A man who had posted anti-Trump rants on his   Facebook page   has said he is heading to former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort...

 A man who had posted anti-Trump rants on his Facebook page has said he is heading to former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida after leaving chaos behind in New York City.

New York police are hunting for Gary Cabana, 60, after an incident Saturday at the Museum of Modern Art in which two employees were stabbed.

The New York Post reported Monday that Cabana said he was heading to Trump’s estate in Palm Beach as part of a series of Instagram messages he exchanged with the newspaper.

Police said they were seeking his whereabouts.

Surveillance video captured the attack in which two women were stabbed at the iconic museum.

The two victims, both 24, were listed in stable condition Sunday at Bellevue Hospital. Police said a woman was stabbed in the back and neck and a man in the left collar bone, according to The New York Times.

John Miller, the deputy commissioner for the New York Police Department’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureaus, said Cabana had been denied entry to the museum because his membership had “expired as a result of two incidents involving disorderly conduct here at the museum on two separate dates in recent days.”

Police said his last-known address was a shelter for those suffering from a wide degree of issues, including mental illness. Police said Cabana had no previous arrests.

As police looked for him, a user writing as Cabana posted on Facebook.

“What is worse? Hackers or Journos. Right now, I LOVE MY HACKERS for taking my mind off this frame job by MoMA. THERE WERE NO DISRUPTIONS. Security NEVER escorted me from MoMA on the 2 ‘supposed’ days I ‘ acted up: 2/24 + 3/9. Total blind side when I got ‘the letter’ from Daniel P,” the post said.

“Bipolar is a tough road to hoe. Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. THEN U get framed ind evicted from MoMA (not just the movies, ALL THE ART too) by a bitter old woman who shushes U when U LAUGH during a comedy,” the person wrote. 

He added, “She’s the menace, NOT ME. “

In communications with the Post, the Cabana blamed the victims. 

“The stabbed girls were in on the BACKSTABBING too,” he wrote. “I don’t backstab, I do the frontside only.”

“It’s a WOMAN SCORNED scenario front-to-back. And she got help from the stabbed girls,” Cabana said, referring to someone he called “Barbara.”

While communicating with the Post, he said the museum was vital to his survival.

“I was completely blindsided by the ‘letter’ from security without any meeting or consultation to explain my mental health situation and how important GREAT MOVIES are to my life,” Cabana wrote. 

“When they said I couldn’t go upstairs to see STARRY STARYY NIGHT EVER AGAIN I lost it,” he said.

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