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Bill Barr says Joe Biden left him 'very disturbed' after he 'lied to the American people' about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal during the 2020 campaign

  Former Attorney General Bill Barr explained Monday that Joe Biden "lied to the American people" about the Hunter Biden laptop sc...

 Former Attorney General Bill Barr explained Monday that Joe Biden "lied to the American people" about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal when he was a candidate for president.

The comments are especially eyebrow-raising because Barr was attorney general when the laptop scandal broke in October 2020, meaning he was privy to information that was not made public, including why the FBI seized the infamous laptop from the Delaware computer repair shop in December 2019.

What did Barr say?

During an interview on Fox News, anchor John Roberts asked Barr about the laptop scandal, observing that Biden's circle dismissed the story as "Russian disinformation."

Barr explained that he is "limited" in what he can say because of any "possible ongoing investigations," but said Biden left him "very disturbed" during one presidential debate when he "lied to the American people about the laptop."

"He’s squarely confronted with the laptop, and he suggested that it was Russian disinformation and pointed to the letter written by some intelligence people that was baseless, which he knew was a lie," Barr said. "And I was shocked by that." 

"Fortunately, the [director of national intelligence] came out and said, 'No, it's not disinformation,'" Barr added, referring to a statement by then-DNI John Ratcliffe. 

"The FBI said the same thing; media ignored it," Barr explained. "So when you're talking about interference in an election, I can't think of anything more than that kind."

Bill Barr: Biden lied about Hunter Biden’s

When asked if the laptop controversy exposes President Biden to "legal liability," Barr declined to "venture an opinion" on the issue.

However, he agreed the resurrection of the story last week will become a "problem" for the White House.

"From a political standpoint now that this is in people’s consciousness — it had been suppressed up until now — obviously they have a hot potato and just to see how they handle it will be interesting," Barr explained.

What is the background?

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal was thrust back into the national spotlight last week after the New York Times confirmed what the New York Post originally reported about the laptop in October 2020.

The so-called "newspaper of record" explained its reporters had "authenticated" the emails, thus dismantling the doubt the media cast over the story in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

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