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After Texas Tornado Levels Animal Shelter, Rescuers Find a Blind Cat Alive in the Rubble

  Animal rescuers were on the scene at the Jacksboro (Texas) Animal Shelter on Tuesday, one day after a tornado ripped through the building....

 Animal rescuers were on the scene at the Jacksboro (Texas) Animal Shelter on Tuesday, one day after a tornado ripped through the building.

The shelter was razed by an EF3 tornado in Jacksboro, which packed winds of 140 to 150 mph, KWTX-TV reported, citing the National Weather Service.


“The shelter is gone,” Tall Tails Rescue and Transport, in Arlington, Texas, shared on its Facebook page.

Even though the shelter was in shambles, the animals housed there were found unharmed, thankfully.


“NO ANIMALS WERE INJURED,” Tall Tails posted in an update. “We assisted Jacksboro shelter which is 30 miles west of us. 

“WE ONLY TOOK IN THE ANIMALS THAT WERE HOUSED AT THE TIME OF THE TORNADO. All animals found after the storm will be housed at the live oak vet.

“Please respect the ACO as he was in his truck at the time at the shelter. … Things will work out. The animals are safe.”

Kay Wlodarek with Tall Tails told Fox News that it was tough to reach the shelter, adding that when the group finally got there, the place was smashed and “it was amazing that the dogs survived.”

Along with other animals in the shelter, rescuers found a blind cat in the debris. 

“Our thoughts are with the animals and staff of the Jacksboro Animal Shelter which took a direct hit by a tornado yesterday,” the Denton Animal Support Foundation posted on Facebook.


“All animals were accounted for … and were transported to Springtown.

“Rescue workers found this cat in the rubble. They have named him Nado… as in ‘tornado.’ He will be checked out by a vet and brought to the Springtown Animal Shelter or to a foster home.” 

Dirty, scared and in need of some serious R&R, Nado has fallen into good hands after surviving the ordeal, and it appears he already has been spoken for.

“Hello all,” Cambra Carpenter commented on Denton Animal Support Foundation’s post. “Thank you for your well wishes and support for Nado. He is under Vet care and is recovering nicely. Nado will not be going into foster or put up for adoption. We appreciate all the love and support. Please do not contact the ACO about Nado.

“The outpouring of support and love for the animals is humbling. Thank you all! Nado will update you on his recovery soon!”

The Jacksboro Animal Shelter faces a long journey as it rebuilds, and other shelters and rescue groups in the area are scrambling to help pets displaced by the recent violent storms — but at least one cat won’t have to worry about that anymore.

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