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UK’s Pfizer report reveals SHOCKING VACCINE INJURIES and deaths from the covid jab

  It is estimated that only   one percent   of all vaccine adverse events are reported, mainly because people are either scared or they just...

 It is estimated that only one percent of all vaccine adverse events are reported, mainly because people are either scared or they just can’t see or imagine the correlation. After all, every single vaccine ever made has been marketed as “safe and effective” so often, it’s no wonder kids aren’t singing it as a jingle. Sadly, there’s nothing funny about the thousands and thousands of injuries and deaths (reported and unreported) caused directly by the latest unsafe and ineffective jabs – a.k.a. spike protein gene therapy injections. Just looking at the one percent of adverse events reported to UK’s Yellow Card (similar to VAERS), it’s a horror story bad enough to make any sane person question the entire vaccine industry, especially the Pfizer China Flu shots.

After all, who would trust the very same industry that actually created the genetically mutated animal virus so that it could attack humans in the first place? How many injured, dying and dead folks is it going to take before the world wakes up and sees the forest for the trees?

How many are dead, about to die or are already permanently injured by Covid ‘vaccines’?

Did you know if you die one hour after getting a Covid vaccine, the doctors and hospitals will not blame the vaccine? They just run a PCR test (nearly always false-positive result) and declare that the victim died of Covid, adding that the vaccine did not have time to take effect (2 weeks is the claim, meaning you’re officially ‘unvaccinated’), with no comments about the experimental, deadly, blood-clotting stab the patient just received an hour ago, or even a few days ago. You can be sure if you tested positive for Covid a month prior, you would most definitely be labeled as a Covid-caused death.

Common injuries listed on the British government’s Pfizer jab data (see reveal vaccine injuries, some that happened almost immediately or within a few days, including heart attacks, miscarriages, sepsis, paralysis, Bell’s Palsy, strokes, shingles, Covid-19, deafness, blindness, and psychiatric disorders (prion disease like Mad Cow disease). Now how could the range of horrific problems be so broad from one shot or two shots of spike proteins? Simple answer: There are several billion spike proteins in the blood of these vaccine victims, creating absolute chaos in the entire vascular system.

European database lists HORRIFIC health outcomes for Pfizer-Biotech, Moderna, Janssen (J&J) and AstraZeneca Covid stabs

Step right up folks and get your clot shots, for free, regardless of what the cost is to your health and possibly your life. According to the press, if you don’t support blood clots and tens of thousands of deaths from Covid shots then you are “anti-science.” Yet, the tables are turning, once again, on fake news and bad medicine, as the injuries and deaths caused directly by the Covid jabs are piling up.

Here’s just a peek at some of the vaccine injury horror stories posted and reported that you don’t hear about on mass media, ever. And if anyone posts any of these injuries or death to social media, they get banned permanently.

#1. A medical worker who was mandated to take the jab has to get both legs and one hand amputated after getting injected with billions of blood-clogging spike proteins.

#2. A 14-year-old boy died from massive brain bleed just a few hours after his 2nd Pfizer jab.

#3. A baby became paralyzed from the Covid vaccine.

#4. A woman died from a rare brain disease within 12 weeks of getting the 2nd Pfizer jab.

#5. A navy doctor spills the truth and says more soldiers have died from the jab than the virus.

#6. A mother reported her daughter died 5 hours after getting the Pfizer jab.

#7. A boy’s school made him get the Covid vaccine and now he has a serious heart condition.

#8. A woman’s son was a healthy athlete, now he can barely walk.

#9. 13% of pregnant women suffer miscarriage shortly after Covid vaccines.

#10. Mother reported 2nd Pfizer jab made her mute.

Realize that not everybody has medical insurance, or life insurance, or savings piled up for emergencies, permanent crippling injures, and deaths. These toxic clot shots are their own pandemic, and it’s spreading as governments all over the world are forcing more people to get them. 

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