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Former Dem Rep Accidentally Tells the Truth: Election Integrity “Could Really Cost Democrats Seats” (VIDEO)

  All Democrats know — If they can’t cheat, they can’t win. Former Democrat Representative  Donna Edwards  from Maryland joined an MSNBC pan...


All Democrats know — If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.

Former Democrat Representative Donna Edwards from Maryland joined an MSNBC panel on Thursday to discuss voter integrity legislation.

Donna accidentally let the cat out of the bag. If election integrity legislation is passed in the states, if Voter ID is implemented, if illegal ballot harvesting is banned, then Democrats cannot win.
It’s that simple.

Transcript Real Clear Politics.

MSNBC HOST: Well, and Donna Edwards, this political stalemate on voting rights legislation is because Congressional Republicans blocked it and the reality is reforming the filibuster doesn’t seem like an actual possibility with the votes in the Senate. What can the president actually do here?

DONNA EDWARDS: Well, you know, for Democrats, I mean, it is both a moral crisis of, you know, black voters, minority voters being really shut out of the process, but it also means that it’s a political crisis for Democrats. These rules and restrictive rules that have put in place in the state are such that it could really cost Democrats seats in the House and the Senate and that is how serious it is, and so I think that there’s going to have to be a level of urgency raised by the White House, by the president, by the vice president around the country both inside and outside strategy that is going to lift up the need to do voting rights, not in a year or down the line, but right now and I don’t know that I’ve seen that urgency yet.

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