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Italian News: Joseph Mifsud Recorded Deposition for John Durham – New Bank Accounts Appear – But Maltese Professor Still Missing

As reported earlier by Joe Hoft Deep State Spy Joseph Mifsud is connected to the Obama Spygate Scandal after setting up George Papadop...

As reported earlier by Joe Hoft

Deep State Spy Joseph Mifsud is connected to the Obama Spygate Scandal after setting up George Papadopoulos and  General Flynn in London.  He also was close to Hillary Clinton and even dined with her in 2016.

But today Mifsud has gone missing and it is still unknown which entity or countries he was working for when he spied on the Trump team.

As we noted in February 2019, candidate Trump’s unpaid volunteer George Papadopoulos was spied on by the Deep State through an individual named Joseph Mifsud.
Mifsud’s purpose was to plant information with Papadopoulos (namely that the Russians had Hillary’s emails) so that the same information could be retrieved from Papadopoulos and the Deep State could say that the Trump campaign knew Russia had Hillary’s emails.

Where is Joseph Mifsud?

In December Buzzfeed reported that Mifsud’s passport and wallet sat for 17 months in a Portugese airport.

The items were found by police in a picturesque coastal town in Madeira, a Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco that’s popular with tourists and best known for being the birthplace of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The passport and wallet were found on Aug. 5, 2017, some three months before Mifsud disappeared from public view and six months after he was questioned by FBI officers investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Mifsud reportedly was in fear for his life after the election of Donald Trump. He is a key player in the Russiagate scandal to spy on and take down Donald Trump by the Obama administration and the deep state.
Today there is a report from Italy that new bank accounts linked to Joseph Mifsud have appeared.
Mauro Indelicato and Roberto Vivaldelli at Italy’s Inside Over reported:
As his lawyer Stephan Roh confirmed to us , in reality the professor was in Italy at least until March 2019. “I don’t know why the Agrigento prosecutor thinks that Joseph Mifsud is dead but I can say that I had direct contact with him until spring last (2019) “. Then, adds the Swiss lawyer, “contacts have been indirect, through his daughter. Recently he was scared and feared for his life, “admits Roh, who is unable to tell us if his client is still alive or not…
…La Verità has reconstructed all the stages of the former director of the London Academy of Diplomacy from then on. In Esanatoglia, Mifsud would have arrived immediately after the interview with Repubblica.
After eight weeks, Mifsud leaves the Marches and moves to Malta to find the elderly parents. From Valletta, the teacher moves first to the south of France for a few days, then, in May 2018, to Zurich, where he meets his lawyer Stephan Roh to record the deposition which ended up in the hands of the prosecutor John Durham. La Verità , thanks to the movements of its credit card, reconstructed the teacher’s stages between July and October 2018. In July, Joseph Mifsud moved to Tuscany, first staying in a campsite in Albinia, in the province of Grosseto, to then go on the 4th of July on the Rome North-South Florence. It then passes through Torrimpietra (Fiumicino) and proceeds towards the Sabina.
On 16 July he returns to Rome, while on 19 he is on the highway for Magliano de ‘Marsi, in the province of L’Aquila. on the 21st he arrives in San Gimignano, before quickly passing through Siena, Cecina, Bracciano and Trevignano Romano. On July 28th he is on Rome North-Orvieto. At that point, for about a month, he completely disappears from the radar, and on August 24 he returns to Rome. In September it moves between Lazio and Abruzzo. On 19 and 22 September he is in Rome, and on 29 again in Fiumicino. On the same date his presence at the Vecchia Pineta di Ostia is recorded. In October the teacher goes to Bomarzo to visit the Sacro Bosco. From there it disappears again into thin air. Is he 80% dead as the prosecutors of Agrigento believe or is the mysterious Maltese teacher hiding somewhere? The mystery continues …
Where is Joseph Mifsud.
Will he talk?
Or is he lost forever?

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